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Coins for a K9 (East Greenbush Police Department, New York)

The Town of East Greenbush is a small suburb just outside of the capital of New York, Albany. In 1985 the East Greenbush Town Board agreed to a one year trial of a Police Canine program under the leadership of Chief John Burns. With unanimous support from the Town Board and Chief Burns, Sergeant Rick Kemner was appointed to a K9 Handler. Through Sergeant Kemners career he had five dogs trained in dual-purpose narcotics detection. The canine unit was disbanded in 2007 with the retirement of Sergeant Kemner. In June of 2019 the Town of East Greenbush appointed a new police Chief. Detective Sergeant Elaine Rudzinski, a 26 year veteran of the department, was appointed and named the first ever female police chief in the history of Rensselaer County. After stepping into her roll, Chief Rudzinski quickly met with her staff to see their visions of what direction the department was heading and where they saw themselves in the future.  Upon my meeting with the Chief we discussed many things to bring our department into the modern era. I was born and raised here in East Greenbush and I feel extremely fortunate to serve my community. In my five years as a Police Officer I have seen firsthand the benefits of having a well-trained canine utilized. Whether it's combating the drug problem, bonding with the community, locating missing persons, protecting officers or deterring crime, canines are extremely necessary in Law Enforcement. Last year, with permission from Chief Rudzinski, I began researching different funding opportunities to limit the financial burden on the town. The initial startup of this program is costly and the town was unable to fully support it without financial aid. The bulk of the cost is a dedicated specialized canine unit to transport the dog around and keep it safe. I have began to reach out to request any type of funding to help us purchase all the necessary equipment.  The re-establishment of our canine unit will benefit our town immensely. While COVID-19 has brought a heavy financial burden to many, we hope that the donation of even a small amount will help us better protect and serve the community we all love. All proceeds gathered from this fundraiser will go directly to the East Greenbush Police K9 program and any left over funds will be placed directly back into the community through our community policing events such as "shop with a cop".

Bushido Dojo needs your help!

The ongoing pandemic has impacted our communities in a terrible way, many feel anxious and uneasy doing the most basic everyday things. Many parents have contacted our team asking us to re-open Bushido Dojo, so their kids can put down the game controllers, get off the couch and get back into shape. We have agreed to re-open but we have yet to reach the point where viable financially. We need your help to get through this difficult time and keep the doors open for our students.  Thank you for your support! Bushido Dojo Team

Shop with A Cop
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

Shop With A Cop 2020 Hello everyone, my name is Shelby and I'm a Deputy in a small county in Florida. I love my job and have a soft spot of helping those in need, especially children! With that being said let's jump right in. I'm starting a fundraiser to help raise money to give to kids who are less fortunate than others. I want to make sure they wake up Christmas morning with a smile on their little faces. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!  Shop with a Cop has been an amazing fundraiser for kids for several years now. Law Enforcement agencies all over raise money every year to be able to give kids in need a Christmas. Basically, the children with good grades, and or those who strive to do their best in school, but don't have the support from home. It could be a child(ren) who have a single parent doing their best trying to make ends meet and just cant afford Christmas. For this fundraiser we will let the teachers choose the kids who they think need it most. The teachers are the ones who see them every day and have a special bond with them and really get to know the kids. Once we have raised the funds we, Law Enforcement will meet those children at Walmart and let them pick out a few things they want. Whatever makes their little hearts happy (age appropriate of course).  I have had the blessing with helping our neighboring county each year for the past 5 years with this event. I have decided to raise the money for my own county and to help the kids in my community this year. This is a special time we as Law Enforcement get to spend time with these awesome kids and build a better report with them. The best part about it all is the smile on those kiddos faces! To know they will be waking up with presents under the tree. The hugs and love I have received from my previous times is unforgettable.  If you feel lead to donate to this cause to help put a smile on a sweet child's face, please do. If it is only 5 dollars, any and every donation will be greatly appreciated.  

Purple Heart Veteran & First Responder Gives Back to LA Deputies

After watching Fund the First on Fox & Friends this morning, I realized that the campaign for the LA Deputies was completed and I wanted to continue to support them. Growing up in Los Angeles it saddens me to have learned about the two County Sheriff's Deputies that were severely wounded in an apparent ambush while sitting in their patrol vehicle. I am currently serving as a first responder and am a Marine Corps Veteran, and Purple Heart recipient. NOW, more than ever it is imperative for the community and America as a whole to support these two brave officers and their families. All funds raised will be given directly to the families affected VIA the appropriate channels.  Thank you in advance for showing your support and helping me help these officers.

Cancer Fighting Fundraiser for Monika Rehder Reinhardt

Hi, I'm Monika, a retired LAPD Officer.  I need help and I hope that by you being guided to this campaign, you're looking to help someone deserving.I was diagnosed with Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer in May 2017, had to have a total hysterectomy plus 2 baseball-sized  tumors removed from my lower body before a string of  6 chemo treatments earned me a temporary "clear."  Christmas 2018 (my 55th birthday) I got re-diagnosed and dove back into treatment.  Currently, I'm up to 29 chemo sessions and have 11 more scheduled for this year,  and of course, all those treatments have taken a toll on my body overall. The great news is my tumor markers are down as of right now (September 2020), but my scans aren't improving, and though the two remaining tumors aren't being reduced yet, nor are they growing on the latest chemo treatment, my doctors are all saying I've kept a really great attitude and call me their Cancer Warrior.  I don't feel like a warrior now, which is why I've resorted to the kindness of strangers.  In a city as huge as Los Angeles, it's easy to get lost in everyone else's hustle and bustle.  I worked the streets of Los Angeles as a Police Officer and handled a lot of calls during my career, but I was not expecting to be in a fight for my life like this against Cancer. Because of the horrific side effects of the chemo, I'm not able to work for the first time since immigrating to the US alone at age 26, which takes a toll on my pride.  Like most of us, I wasn't ready to support medical bills like this through savings alone, so I sold my house and used the money to cover my medical bills, but that only goes so far. I set up this fund solely for medical bills and it is going to go towards out-of-network Targeted Therapy Treatments my HMO won't provide.  If you've read this far, maybe you can help me add to my quality and quantity of life, as well as putting me on the winning side of this battle.   It is so emotionally defeating.  This page is my rock bottom.  It's my opportunity for the universe to show me if I should keep fighting so I can repay the favor to fight for others feeling as low as I do now.I love you all.  Thank you for taking an interest in me as a person and a retired fellow Law Enforcement Officer.  If you'd like to follow my journey or contact me, I'm on Instagram (Cancer Warrior 2017).  Thank you so very much.

LA Sheriff's Ambushed - Fighting For Their Lives

The shooting of two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies in an apparent ambush prompted a manhunt for the shooter, reaction from the president and protests outside the hospital where the wounded deputies were being treated Saturday night in California. The 31-year-old female deputy and 24-year-old male deputy both underwent surgery Saturday evening, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a late-night news conference. Both graduated from the academy 14 months ago, he said. The deputies were shot while sitting in their patrol car at a Metro rail station and were able to radio for help, the sheriff said.  All funds raised will be given directly to the families of these officers by the LA Sheriff's Department.

#FeedtheFirst - Clarksville Police Department Tennessee

My husband is in the military and family, first responders, and of course military mean everything to us. After moving to Tennessee, I noticed how kind and inspirational the police officers are here so I want to give back. This fundraiser is to raise money so that my husband and I can personally deliver food, as a thank you, to the Clarksville Police Department. #bluelivesmatter

Shelby and Trae Kohn Educational Fund

Many friends and family have asked what they could do to help since Arthur's passing was so unexpected.   As a police officer, Arthur believed in education so we have created this educational fund for his children.  Shelby is 21 and Trae is 17 years of age.  Thank you all for helping.Born: June 24, 1956 - End of watch July 8, 2020 The oldest of 3, Arthur was born to Leona and Arthur Kohn Sr. in Galveston Texas on June 24, 1956. His watch ended July 8, 2020 at his home in Nokesville, Virginia at age 64. Shortly after he was born, the family moved to the mainland where Arthur Jr., Tim, and Mark were raised by their loving parents in Santa Fe, Texas. Arthur grew up fishing and crabbing in the Gulf of Mexico and hunting in Oklahoma with his grandfather and Uncle Johnny. Upon graduation from Santa Fe High School, he moved to College Station to attend Texas A & M where he majored in business. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, he pursued his true calling and began his service to the public. Arthur began his career as a State Trooper for the Texas Department of Public Safety in May 1979. He was promoted to Sargant, joined the Narcotics Division, and continued to protect the public as an undercover narcotics officer where he was involved in numerous large and successful prosecutions. While employed for Texas DPS he met the love of his life Mara. He served Texas until 1995. Arthur and Mara were married on July 17, 1993. Shortly after they were married, they moved to Pierre, South Dakota. While living in South Dakota, Arthur continued to be an avid outdoorsmen, horseman, and public servant. In 1999, he and Mara had their first child, Shelby. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Arthur retired from the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation after many years of dedicated service and many projects including implementing the statewide 911 system. In 2000, Arthur, Mara, and Shelby moved to Hermosa, South Dakota and Arthur became employed with Riddles Jewelry as the head of their security department. Hermosa is where he and Mara built their dream horse ranch in the beautiful Black Hills. Arthur built the fences, cleared the trees, and eventually built the horse barn. In 2003, Arthur and Mara had their second child, Arthur Olaf Kohn, III “Trae”. The family resided on the ranch until August 2010 when they moved to Virginia. In May 2012, the family settled in Nokesville where Arthur again fixed fences, built the arena, and lovingly maintained their horse farm for his family to be able to pursue their shared love of horses. Arthur loved his family, his animals, hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, and hosting friends and family. He shared his love of the outdoors, wood working, and animals with his kids. Arthur displayed values such as respect, hard work, bravery, strength, and determination in everything he did. This was especially shown when working with his horses, dogs, or cats. Arthur made sure his wife and kids were cared for and loved. He avidly supported his kids in all their activities whether it was as assistant soccer coach, volunteer firearms instructor for 4-H, or as a “Horse show Dad.” He spent many hours traveling the Atlantic coast to support his kids at soccer games, shooting matches, 4-H events, or horse shows. Arthur is survived by his beloved wife of 27 years Mara, daughter Shelby, son Trae, his parents Arthur Sr. and Leona, brothers Mark and Tim, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, and many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins

I Broke My Neck During An On Duty Shooting - Please Help!

Based on a tip from a confidential informant, myself and other officers were serving a warrant on a violent felon, previously convicted of murder and wanted for the attempted murder of his girlfriend just a few days earlier. My partners entered the residence and observed the suspect enter a back bedroom down a hallway. They immediately began giving commands for the suspect to show his hands and surrender. The suspect retreated into the bedroom and shut the bedroom door. They kicked the bedroom door open and were immediately greeted by gunfire. one of my partners was struck in the chest, fell backwards and took cover and returned fire. Although shot in the chest, he ensured the female inside the room was able to exit unharmed. Once he ensured the safety of the female, he entered the room to subdue the suspect.  Luckily, he survived and is doing well thanks to his vest. I was running towards the entry to the residence to provide assistance.  Suddenly, I lost my footing and struck a vehicle with the side of my head and broke my neck.  While in and out of consciousness I was still able to help the female leave the residence, unharmed. Please help support me due to this tragic event.  Thank you and stay safe.

Team Mulkeen
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

Those who knew Brian knew his kindness, strength & good will. We have been blessed to hear endless stories of how he helped others, adding to those actions we witnessed throughout his life. We want to continue Brian's legacy, & ensure his name will always be synonymous with strength, protection, support & encouragement.   And so Team Mulkeen was created, to give back to the first responder community, and, in doing so, promote physical & mental wellness through fitness events. With the donations from our Miles For Mulkeen event, Team Mulkeen has already been able to aid multiple first responders with grocery bills, medical/treatment programs, & child care. We have also helped to find veterans employment & in-home nursing care. With your support, we can continue to do great things for our first responders & their families. Thank you so much for visiting this page & choosing to help Team Mulkeen make a difference in Brian's honor. We are so grateful for the support being shown, & will do all we can to pay it forward!

Rest in Peace - NYPD Police Officer Mike Geraldi

With permission of Mike's wife, Lisa, this campaign is being held to raise money for the medical and family expenses that Mike's family is currently going through.  All money raised will be given directly to the Geraldi Family. Mike Geraldi is known by everyone as Mikey G. He has a “larger than life” type of personality that can instantly make you laugh with one of his million silly antics. He is a son, brother, husband, and father of two young children.  He is adored by his friends and is the life of the party.  Married to his best friend, Lisa, there is never a dull moment in the Geraldi house. He is the type of dad that other kids wish they had. He always makes time for them and makes them his priority. Taking family trips or going out to eat, you could always count on everyone having a great time because Mikey makes sure of it.      With 17 years on the job as an NYPD Police Officer assigned to PSA 4 in Manhattan, Mikey never lost his love to protect and serve.  While his family always came first, his job was a close second. But, he also has a huge love of cars and is the president of one of the largest mustang car clubs on Long Island. “Strong Island Stangs” was founded by Mikey and has over 2,000 members. He truly loves using his platform to get the thousands of other car enthusiasts together for his many car shows. He’s worked so hard over the years to sponsor charities and coordinate events to help put smiles on everyone else’s face. He never hesitates to jump into action to show support for anyone in their time of need. He always makes sure to do the right thing by everyone.      You can always count on Mikey to make you laugh. Whether it is one of his famous weather reports or his stellar dancing skills, all you need to do is look for Mikey in a room and his instant smile is always there.  Please share and support the Geraldi Family during their time of need.

Hurricane Laura Relief Fund - Lake Charles Police Department

The aftermath of Hurricane Laura has destroyed the homes of multiple officers, countless law enforcement, and families throughout the state.  This tragic incident has drastically changed the lives of these first responders and civilian families alike.  The National Guard is set up at the Civic Center and should have MRE's, Ice, and tarps. There are more than 400,000 without power and it will take a while to rebuild and get back to normal.  We need to get them the help they deserve. On behalf of all law enforcement officers, family, friends, and first responders alike, The Lake Charles Police Officers Association 830 has prepared this campaign to raise funds to help all those affected by Hurricane Laura. Please share, contribute, and stay safe.  Thank you all.

NYPD Detective Reedy’s Squad

Detective Reedy’s Squad is back for another great year to raise money for The Tunnel To Towers Foundation!  We had such a successful team last year, and we look forward to doing it again this year! Due to COVID-19, our run will not be the traditional run through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Instead we will be having our own virtual 5k event!  As many know our Dad was a retired NYPD Detective and served the City of New York for over 40 years.  He  also  served  in  the  United  States  Army,  and  was  a   Senior Drum Sgt. in  the  NYPD  Emerald  Society  Pipes  and  Drums  Band  for  almost  30  years.   Our family loves everything about the Tunnel To Towers Foundation, and we are creating this team in his memory.  This  is  an  amazing  foundation  that  helps  9/11  families and first responders from all around the nation.  All the funds raised will go directly to the Tunnel To Towers foundation.  Thank you so much for your donation! -The Reedy Family 

First Responder-mental health counseling with anonymity to keep you and your  job safe

As a retired police officer, I know from experience all of the traumatic events we are a part of and witness everyday on the job.  Unfortunately, those traumatic incidents stay with us and eventually bother us more than we think.  I know we put those bad times in a box but we can only put so much in that box before it overflows.  By managing the stress and trauma we are a part of while on the job not only helps us continue to serve our communities, it doesn't put additional stress on our families.   I am currently working with a company that will help build a program/app that first responders can access via phone, iPad or computer.  You will immediately be connected to a mental health professional/family counselor that you can reach by text, phone and/or video chat.  I am aware that departments have physiologists who work for them and made available to first responders.  The issue with this is those doctors work for the departments and ultimately report to the department/chain of command who visits the physiologists and for what reason.  If those reasons are critical, you can be deemed unfit for duty.  I truly believe this is why my fellow first responders don't seek the vital treatment they need. My program allows all first responders to seek that needed treatment with anonymity.  You are being seen/treated by a third party mental health professional that has only your best interests in mind and don't answer to the departments.  After treatment is sought, I will receive an invoice stating one person from X department is seeking mental health treatment as a result of work place trauma.  You are safe to talk out issues, the treatment is only between you and the mental health professional.  Let's prevent any more first responders from taking their own life. Please help me reach the monetary goal to get this program started for every first responder in the US. Thank you, -Floyd C. Albuquerque Police Officer (Ret) US Army (Ret) Please donate at: 

Cannon Hinnant - Going Above & Beyond the Call of Duty

As a mother of two and an active police officer, when I see a senseless act of violence it truly hits home.  The murder of Cannon Hinnant is an absolute tragedy and I want to pay it forward by going above and beyond the call of duty. As first responders we have a close connection to our communities and I want others to see that there are so many ways to help when those are in need. All money raised for this fundraiser will be personally hand delivered to Cannon’s family. Rest in Peace Cannon 🙏🏻