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First Responder-mental health counseling with anonymity to keep you and your  job safe

As a retired police officer, I know from experience all of the traumatic events we are a part of and witness everyday on the job.  Unfortunately, those traumatic incidents stay with us and eventually bother us more than we think.  I know we put those...

Indiana Stampede Football, Inc.

Help support the Indiana Stampede Football club! The Indiana Stampede Football club is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit adult amateur football organization.  The specific purposes for which this corporation is formed are exclusively charitable within the meaning...

SoCal K9 Safety Initiative
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

Across Southern California there are a number of police working dogs (K9's) who do not have a ballistic vests for protection or have their car equipped with a heat alarm system to alert their handler if the interior of their vehicle gets dangerously...

Foot Forward
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

Hello all, please help, our son loves serving the public but injured his foot in a chase and may never run again. He is SWAT, Diver, and detective. Hopefully the surgeries will help him, he's so young. Thankyou for backing the blue, it means so much!...

Help my Wife Getzi
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

This is my beautiful wife Getzi Whitaker. We have been married for just 2 years. Just before we got married she survived Stage 4 Colon  cancer, had the majority of her Colon removed, and was “Cancer free” until February of this year when she found ou...

Shelby and Trae Kohn Educational Fund

Many friends and family have asked what they could do to help since Arthur's passing was so unexpected.   As a police officer, Arthur believed in education so we have created this educational fund for his children.  Shelby is 21 and Trae is 17 years...

Tourniquet Assistance
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

Small town underfunded police department needs assistance in efforts to assure officer safety for patrol officers with funding for 20 tourniquets and 20 duty belt tourniquet holders.  A line of duty death should not take place when there are life sav...

Public Safety Support
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

North Georgia Public Safety

March For Heroes - Vehicle Fundraiser

The VIP Auto Group is proud to support the Law Enforcement Officers Weekend Fundraiser during March For Heroes! Law Enforcement Officers Weekend (LEO Weekend) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides all expense paid weekend getaways,...

Please help a fellow officer

Officer David Rios has serve as a police officer in the South Texas Area for many years. In April of 2020 he underwent surgery for a detached retina in his right eye that resulted from type 2 diabetes after a second surgery in June of 2020 that was u...

Help us grow our family with adoption

I have been a police officer for almost 5 years in North Carolina and me and my fiancé who is my high school sweetheart are trying to grow our family through adoption. We are hoping to adopt an infant child which through research will be 40k to 50k t...