The Fund the First Crowdfunding Platform is the core of our organization. As an online crowdfunding platform, users will have the ability to create, manage, and promote campaigns to raise money in times of need and financial hardships. One of the main reasons for creating this platform is to minimize and eventually eliminate fraud related to First Responder contributions on major crowdfunding networks. Some of the unique features to our platform include:


All types of people and organizations will be accessing the site and service. Each group will have different levels of verification and capabilities based on their status. This will allow us to provide important services to those in need while including everyone in the community.


All campaigns to raise money will be verified by our team to ensure the cause is real and just. Campaigns will be for verified hardships and/or needs such as illness, surgery, catastrophic loss, and death. There will also be various other types of campaigns allowed on the platform.

Campaign Verification

All campaigns to raise money will be verified by our team to ensure the cause is real and just. Campaigns will be for verified financial hardships incident but not limited to illness, surgery, catastrophic loss, and death.

Payment Distribution

With the goal of getting money into the hands of those that need it as quickly and efficiently as possible, we are working closely with our technical team. Fund The First will be the intermediary for all contributions on the platform.

Our Mission

The Internet is an amazing tool for communication and has enabled people in need to seek and accept contributions from people they could never reach before. Unfortunately, this has also led to a considerable amount of fraud, particularly in the category of “first responders”. Claiming to be a first responder immediately gives you a level of attention and sympathy not afforded in more generic cases. As a result, many of the campaigns seen on large crowdfunding sites—upon closer examination—turn out to be duplicates and frauds. Fund the First is creating a platform and community to combat that fraud and provide actual First Responders a trusted and verified place to seek the assistance they deserve.

First responders put themselves in the middle of the worst moments in humanity to save the innocent; they are the ones who run toward danger, not away from it. Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS, Military, and more risk it all with little to no support when it comes to their personal lives.

According to several industry groups, right now in the United States, there are:

• More than 900,000 sworn law-enforcement officers.
• Approximately 1,056,200 firefighters.
• As many as 1,000,000 emergency medical responders.

Not to mention,

• Enlisted personnel in all the branches of the US military.
• Sheriffs and Corrections Officers.
• Retired First Responders.
• Other people in related and support positions.

Founded by Members of the First Responder Community

As a first responder—more so than in “normal” professions—illnesses, surgeries, and other catastrophic losses occur more often than in other occupations. Unfortunately, the costs (financial and personal) are much greater.

 Founded by members of the First Responder community we aim to empower our first responders by answering their calls for help in times of need. Fund the First will be a secure network designed to assist our first responders. At its core, Fund the First seeks to provide First Responders in need (and their families) with the proper resources. Initially, that will be through our crowdfunding platform that allows verified First Responders to post their stories and seek contributions from the community. As the organization and the community grows there are many other avenues that can and will be explored, such as large-scale fundraising for causes that benefit the entire First Responder community and education and support for members to push their fundraising efforts into the real world. Our goal here is to build a solid base to reach the community and to provide the communication, resources, and tools to reach these goals.


Example, NYC

According to a 2019 World Population Review there are 11 large cities that have a population of over one million people. These cities include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. Based on our sample audience we can determine that there are countless first responders throughout the United States of America that are both active and retired. The amount of these first responders that can benefit from our platform is substantial.

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