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10-13 for our Blue Brother Max Gonzalez
Law Enforcement
Catastrophic Loss
Created July 11th, 2023

Police Officer Max Gonzalez retired from the NYPD's 43rd Precinct in 2019. He was always a dedicated officer while on patrol in Sector George, but also especially while assigned to the 43 School Unit. He was also a first responder during the 9/11 tragedies at the World Trade Center. Max cared a lot for his community and its children. There are many of us on and off the job that also love and care immensely about Max and his family. He is the epitome of a "family man" and looked forward to enjoying his retirement with his wife and children. Which is why we are here asking for everyone to come together to help him, his wife Cindy and his children during their time of need. 

In May 2023, Max suffered a massive stroke and had been air lifted to a local hospital in Florida for emergency care. Shortly thereafter, he stabilized and was transferred to a rehabilitation facility for further care and services to get him back on his feet. Recently, while in rehab, he had a set back of another stroke which has rendered him incapable of speaking, he has partial paralysis and had to have a gastrostomy tube surgically placed in order to provide him with food and nutrition.

Unfortunately, his stay at the rehabilitation facility will come to an end due to existing policies with his health insurance which only covers a maximum 30 day stay. Max currently needs extended round the clock care and needs help with the cost. The daily cost at the facility is approximately $250-$300. 

Please donate whatever you can to assist him & his family during this time, no amount is too small, anything can help, and of course please send prayers & positive vibes for his healing and recovery are definitely welcomed.  

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Anonymous donated $40

Speedy recovery my brother.

10 months ago
Sam Wu
Sam Wu donated $50
10 months ago
Peter Curran
Peter Curran donated $100

Worked together in the 43Pct back in year 2003/2004.

10 months ago
Anonymous donated $50

God Bless! Sending Healing energy and prayers your way

10 months ago
Arelis Collazo
Arelis Collazo donated $100

Love you my friend ,and partner keep fighting !

10 months ago
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez donated $150

May God give Max all the strength needed for a speedy recovery so he can return home to his family stronger than ever. Prayers Brother Max... God Bless! #43ForLife

10 months ago
Steven Torres
Steven Torres donated $200
10 months ago
Fredo Risole
Fredo Risole donated $120

Prayers for you, family and friends.

10 months ago
Robert Wong
Robert Wong donated $100

Praying for you Max

10 months ago
Becky Gonzalez
Becky Gonzalez donated $50

Love y’all, and sending prayers!

10 months ago

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10-13 for our Blue Brother Max Gonzalez
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