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My sister is in the ICU with a tumor, please help ūüôŹūüŹĽ
First Responders
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Created October 16th, 2020

My sister, Anna Herdlein, has always been the most caring, loving, funny, intelligent, and healthy person I know. Unfortunately, just two short months ago, she started developing some abdominal issues which caused her severe pain. Shesought professional help. After many doctor and emergency room visits, Anna underwent minor surgery to relieve her symptoms. The surgery uncovered problems more severe than our family could have ever imagined, revealing that Anna’s abdomen was riddled with lesions and a fast-growing tumor. As of now, due to the complications from the lesions and tumor, Anna is in the Intensive Care Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has yet to receive an official diagnosis for the lesions and tumor in her abdomen, but we are hoping for the best.


Anna’s academic and professional life has always been focused on helping others. In 2013, received her B.A. in psychology from the University of Iowa, where she also studied Swahili. During her time at Iowa, Anna was a first-rate student. Most notable was her research with faculty studying mental health treatment issues, an unusual activity for an undergraduate.Clearly, Anna’s professors saw something special in her. This fall, Anna began a graduate certificate program at UMass Lowell in public health. After only a few weeks in class, Anna’s public health professor is already speaking her praises.


In her career, Anna has continued her dedication to communityservice. She has worked in residential mental health treatment centers and most recently, she did service work with Americorp,conducting trainings about harm reduction. In addition, Anna has done volunteer work in needle exchanges and food banks, among other organizations. One of her favorite volunteer activities was with the Brown Dog Coalition, a Massachusetts animal rescue organization, where she fostered dogs in need of temporary homes prior to adoption. Anyone who knows Anna knows about her love of dogs. Of course, community service work doesn’t always pay the bills so on weekends Anna works double-shifts at the Cheesecake Factory.


As you might imagine, Anna‚Äôs medical bills are starting to mount, and her medical insurance will not cover all of them. I am asking‚ÄĒmy family is asking‚ÄĒfor your help to pay these bills. Please honor Anna‚Äôs community service and her life by making a donation to this fund for Anna‚Äôs medical expenses.¬†Anna turns 30 on October 19th¬†so a donation would also be a wonderful birthday present.¬†No amount is too small. We know Anna will be grateful,¬†and so will my family and I.


Many thanks for your support!


Matthew Herdlein and the Herdlein Family

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Cynthia Teeple
Cynthia Teeple donated $100

I am putting this donation in for a good friend who simply handed me $100 and asked that I donate it to Anna. Crystal Wolodin and I work together and she is one of the kindest women I know. I consider myself extremely lucky to call her, "Friend." She is also sending lots of prayers.

3 years ago
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez donated $100

From the Gonzalez family praying for peace for Anna and her family.We are Lauren’s parents.

3 years ago
Rebecca Ludvino
Rebecca Ludvino donated $50
3 years ago
Jaimie DeLong
Jaimie DeLong donated $20

Sending love and healing vibes

3 years ago
Sharon Boisvert
Sharon Boisvert donated $50

Thinking of Anna and the entire Herdlein family.

3 years ago
John and Kaye Zwiacher
John and Kaye Zwiacher donated $250

Anna, we are sending you Hawkeye Family love! God is holding you in his hands, with an excellent health care team acting as His emissaries. Let the care you show for others come back to you and fill you with strength and peace.

3 years ago
Maryann O’Kelly
Maryann O’Kelly donated $100

Sending lots of prayers and love . Cindy I love you ‚̧ԳŹ

3 years ago
Tom, Carol, Laura Kelly
Tom, Carol, Laura Kelly donated $1,000

Sending our love to all of you. Anna, you are beautiful, brilliant, strong and kind!

3 years ago
Meghan Clancy
Meghan Clancy donated $50
3 years ago
Sam Petersen
Sam Petersen donated $30
3 years ago
My sister is in the ICU with a tumor, please help ūüôŹūüŹĽ
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