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Farmingdale Bus Crash Victim, Audrina’s road to recovery!
First Responders
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Created September 23rd, 2023

On Thursday afternoon my bestfriends sister Audrina was involved in a tragic and horrific bus accident while traveling with her classmates to PA for a marching band event. 

Audrina was rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries and transferred by medvac to Cohens children’s hospital. She is currently in the PICU, and going in for surgery. Audrina has multiple fractures to her neck and spine with multiple lacerations all over her body as well. She has a very long road to recovery. 

Audrina is an exceptional kid, that dedicates and spends her time with the farmingdale Fire Dept junior brigade training, learning and hoping to one day be a full member and to become a firefighter/EMT. 

Her older sister is a dedicated member and captain of Hicksville FD EMS. 

And her grandfather an ex capt of Hose Co #4 with the Hicksville Fire dept. 

They are a family of service, always willing to run out the door to help everyone else’s family and complete strangers. It’s our time to come together for them & take some of the weight off of their shoulders while they tend to Audrina’s needs and recovery and allow mom to take all the time off she needs to be with her daughter. 

Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers! 

As well as all of the other families affected by this tragedy. 

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Michael McCormack
Michael McCormack donated $400
5 months ago
Frank La Bella
Frank La Bella donated $250

From the Officers and Members of the East Norwich Volunteer Fire Company

7 months ago
Sirima Rehberg
Sirima Rehberg donated $10
7 months ago
Nick Bueti
Nick Bueti donated $250

Wishing you a speedy recovery from all your fellow fire personnel at the Bedford Hills Fire Department.

8 months ago
Greenlawn Fire Department
Greenlawn Fire Department donated $250

On behalf of the members of the Greenlawn Fire Department.

8 months ago
Anonymous donated $10

be strong

8 months ago
Neil Esposito
Neil Esposito donated $50
8 months ago
eleanor demarco
eleanor demarco donated $25
8 months ago
Hicksville Vol Hose Co 4.
Hicksville Vol Hose Co 4. donated $200

The brothers and sister of Hose Co 4 have you in there prayers and wish you a speedy recovery!

8 months ago
Glenn Olsen
Glenn Olsen donated $25

Glenn and Nancy Olsen aremembers of The Life Curch in Old Westbury.

8 months ago

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Farmingdale Bus Crash Victim, Audrina’s road to recovery!
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