Brooklyn’s fight
Catastrophic Loss
Created May 4th, 2023
When you become a parent, your world changes. You dedicate your life to providing for your child. You do everything to show them love and protect them from the world. Sometimes, despite everything you do, there are things you cannot prevent. That is the situation that Darline and Anthony are facing right now. They are two of the most wonderful, loving people you could meet, who have a beautiful little girl fighting a battle that no child should ever have to fight. 
Brooklyn exhibited some physical signs last week that caused alarm to her parents. Being good parents, Darline and Anthony acted quickly and had her seen by her doctor. Unfortunately, they were given news that is every parent’s worst nightmare. 
Brooklyn was diagnosed with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). This is an aggressive brainstem tumor with a median life expectancy of 8-11 months after diagnosis. 10% make it to 2 years, and 1% of patients make it a little longer. This tumor is inoperable and there are currently no treatments that can cure this situation. Quality of life and comfort are the main objectives after this diagnosis.
However, Brooklyn and her parents are not quitters. St. Jude’s has agreed to take Brooklyn on as a patient and treat her with a clinical trial program. The Medina family is going to fight. While the odds may be less than favorable, quitting is not an option for this family. 
Brooklyn and her parents immediately packed up and went to Memphis to begin treatment, as this aggressive tumor has grown seemingly overnight and must be acted on quickly. Anthony and Darline are spending every minute they can with her as she undergoes treatment.
That being said, paid time off, vacation time and FMLA can only stretch so far. As any parent would, Darline and Anthony are putting their lives on hold as they support their daughter. No parent should have to worry about maintaining their home or putting food on the table while their child fights for their life. 
Darline is a nurse from a military family. Anthony is a physical therapist. They dedicate their lives to helping other people. If you can, please donate to help alleviate some of the financial burden and stress this family is enduring while they spend every moment they can together. 

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Michael & Elizabeth Asciolla
Michael & Elizabeth Asciolla donated $100
11 months ago
Patricia Coleman
Patricia Coleman donated $100

God bless Brooklyn Rose.

11 months ago
Daniela Lattaruli-Moran
Daniela Lattaruli-Moran donated $250
11 months ago
Delphine French
Delphine French donated $25

Praying for you guys for every step of this journey. 🙏

1 year ago
Joan Ritter
Joan Ritter donated $100
1 year ago
Maria Kostalas
Maria Kostalas donated $100


1 year ago
Chris Georgalos
Chris Georgalos donated $50
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $25
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $5
1 year ago
Maria Farres
Maria Farres donated $25

Although they say, there is no cure, my trust is in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Brooklyn Rose you will be healed in the name of Jesus.. For Jesus, is the number one healer, therefore, we must keep our faith and trust in Him and in Him alone. Brooklyn Rose keep that beautiful smile on your face. Always remember that Jesus loves you and so do we your family. God bless you today and always.❤️

1 year ago

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Brooklyn’s fight
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