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Bushido Dojo needs your help!
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New York
September 16th, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has impacted our communities in a terrible way, many feel anxious and uneasy doing the most basic everyday things. Many parents have contacted our team asking us to re-open Bushido Dojo, so their kids can put down the game controllers, get off the couch and get back into shape. We have agreed to re-open but we have yet to reach the point where viable financiallyWe need your help to get through this difficult time and keep the doors open for our students. 

Thank you for your support!

Bushido Dojo Team

Contributions & Comments

Katerina Lugina
Katerina Lugina contributed $250

This contribution is from Jovani’s grandparents expressing appreciation and support for Bishops Dojo.

1 day ago
Brian Mccue
Brian Mccue contributed $100

You guys are great we will do whatever it takes to keep the doors open

2 days ago
Alma (Allee) Colon
Alma (Allee) Colon contributed $50

Thank you for turning Nyah into the badass wrestler she is today! Good luck and hope to reconnect!

3 days ago
Genaro Colón
Genaro Colón contributed $50

You were there for Nyah, so will be there for you. Thank you!

3 days ago
Marie Fortini
Marie Fortini contributed $100

Wishing the Bushido Dojo family the best during this difficult time!

4 days ago
Robert Caruso
Robert Caruso contributed $100
4 days ago
Joe Geosits
Joe Geosits contributed $250
4 days ago
Yelena Shligold
Yelena Shligold contributed $100
4 days ago
$1,000 raised of $10,000 goal
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