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Detective Reedy's Squad 2021
First Responders
New York
Created July 26th, 2021

Detective Reedy’s Squad is back for another great year to raise money for The Tunnel To Towers Foundation!

 We had such a successful team last year and raised over $4,000 using Fund The First as our fundraising platform. We look forward to doing it again this year and finally run through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel for the race on September 26th. 

 As many know our Dad was a retired NYPD Detective and served the City of New York for over 40 years.  He  also  served  in  the  United  States  Army,  and  was  a   Senior Drum Sgt. in  the  NYPD  Emerald  Society  Pipes  and  Drums  Band  for  almost  30  years.  

Our family loves everything about the Tunnel To Towers Foundation, and we are creating this team in his memory. 

This  is  an  amazing  foundation  that  helps  9/11  families and first responders from all around the nation.  All the funds raised will go directly to the Tunnel To Towers foundation. 

Thank you so much for your donation!

-The Reedy Family 

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Mallory Schroeder
Mallory Schroeder donated $50
2 years ago
Kevin Murtaugh Jr
Kevin Murtaugh Jr donated $100
2 years ago
Kevin Murtaugh
Kevin Murtaugh donated $100
2 years ago
Jaclyn Pipitone
Jaclyn Pipitone Bronze: Donate at least $100 to earn this badge. donated $100
2 years ago
Declan Houton
Declan Houton donated $50
2 years ago
nancy pulsch
nancy pulsch donated $100
2 years ago
Susan Oest
Susan Oest donated $100

we will never forget.....god bless! Sue & Artie Billotti

2 years ago
Irene Ferretti
Irene Ferretti donated $50

Good luck girls! Your dad would be very proud! I will be thinking about you💙💙💙. Love you, Sophie😘

2 years ago
Danielle Pipitone
Danielle Pipitone donated $50
2 years ago
Linda Levy
Linda Levy donated $20

Enjoy the run for the heroes!

2 years ago

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