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Created February 8th, 2022
Patrick Facendini is a Petaluma native, born and raised on the west side. He has been active in community service since a young age, starting as an altar boy at Saint Vincent De Paul church. A Petaluma High School graduate of 2008, Patrick rolled right into becoming a volunteer firefighter in Sonoma County and never looked back.
Unfortunately Patrick was diagnosed in December 2021 with brain cancer which quickly became a full time battle. Patrick was most recently assigned to North Bay Fire Station 94 (Wilmar) as a FF/EMT on B shift  He has also spent time at stations 95 and 97 but settled into station 94 where he loves to help train and show off the firehouse dog. His friends and family know him as a dependable helping hand, and his fire family knows him as a man that is 100% heart. 
He is currently undergoing radiation 5 days a week, with chemotherapy every night. He is unable to work at this time during treatment. Any donations would help compensate for lost wages and allow his family to spend more time with him.

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Loren Davis
Loren Davis donated $50
2 years ago
Eleanor Ratliff
Eleanor Ratliff donated $100

Get well Rick

2 years ago
Anonymous donated $30
2 years ago
Emily Daly
Emily Daly donated $300

Rick you are strong and don't let anything stop you! You can beat this. You are in my thoughts daily. You are in my prayers as well as all of my family's prayers.I know Henny is helping you anyway she can. i love you so much and you are the best.

2 years ago
Mark Courson
Mark Courson donated $100
2 years ago
Kim Heine
Kim Heine donated $150

You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

2 years ago
Ashley Cox
Ashley Cox donated $200
2 years ago
Anonymous donated $700
2 years ago
Schell-Vista Volunteer Firefighters Association
Schell-Vista Volunteer Firefighters Association donated $500
2 years ago
Stephanie McIsaac
Stephanie McIsaac donated $100

Rick, I know you've got this. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I know Henny is being the best dogtor you could ask for. We are thinking of you daily! - Steph, Karma, Jessie & Max

2 years ago

Reply from Patrick Facendini
2 years ago

Hi Karma's human and doggie family. Rick's sister and I are trying to lean how to use Instagram but we are a bit social media challenged. Hennessy's job is to sit at Rick's feet and keep him warm and be the best puppy she can be. Thank you so much for your support, Rick, Hennessy, Raeanne, Pat, and Kate

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