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First Responders
Fundraiser for LT. Mike Lowe and Family
First Responders
New Jersey
Created January 21st, 2024

Join us in aiding the Lowe family during this challenging moment. Lieutenant Michael Lowe, a dedicated member of the Plainfield Fire Department, has tragically lost his wife. The Plainfield Firefighters Foundation is organizing this collection to assist with funeral expenses and childcare for their two children who are 3 and 10 years old, providing crucial support to the Lowe family in their time of need. Your contribution will make a meaningful difference in their healing process.

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Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson donated $100
4 months ago
Ray Briant
Ray Briant donated $250

Sending you positive thoughts and lots of prayers from everyone at Advance

4 months ago
Justus Philibert
Justus Philibert donated $50
4 months ago
Shun Haynes
Shun Haynes donated $50
4 months ago
Gerald Adams
Gerald Adams donated $100

Prayers for you and your family my brother

4 months ago
BANOFF Firefighters
BANOFF Firefighters donated $350

Prayers and condolences from the Black Association of New Orleans Fire Fighters.

4 months ago
Anonymous donated $50

My prayers are with you and your family

4 months ago
Leticia Ricks
Leticia Ricks donated $100

Praying for your peace and comfort during this time

4 months ago
Dan Klibaner
Dan Klibaner donated $200
4 months ago
Ed Jones
Ed Jones donated $100

In our prayers...

4 months ago

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Fundraiser for LT. Mike Lowe and Family
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