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Fundraising for my daughter(Miranda Castro)youth soccer team / LASC G2004 Bradbury NPL
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Created June 24th, 2022


Our LASC Girls 2004 team has qualified again this year to compete for a National Championship.  What they have accomplished over the last two years is truly remarkable, but they are more focused than ever before on becoming National Champions.  As I’m sure you are aware it is very challenging to be a student-athlete and maintain complete focus on multiple tasks.  However, these girls give their absolute best day in and day out, and as result have an aggregate GPA of 3.91.  Accomplishing all that along with the rigors of competitive athletics is a true challenge, but these girls make it happen.  

Their pathway to qualification this year was different than last, but even more remarkable.  Based on their success last year they qualified to play in a league comprised of teams throughout the U.S.  In this national competition, the girls played a total of 7 games.  They won all 7 and scored an astonishing 29 goals while only conceding 3.  Out of all 60 teams competing, these girls scored the most goals and conceded the least.  As their coach, I sat in awe much of the time. 

We just started our preparation for National Championships on May 10th, and let me tell you, these girls are putting in the work.  Their training regimen is extensive and exhausting, but that is not stopping them from showing up and doing the work.  As I previously said, they are hyper-focused on raising a national championship trophy.

National Championships will take place in Florida again this year, and we are estimating with increased costs for airfare, food, ground transportation, etc., it will be close to $2,000 per player.  We have 18 fantastic student-athletes, that would greatly appreciate your support.

If you are in a position to support them this year, click the link below.  Either way, please bookmark this link as it will allow you to follow their journey.



Matt Bradbury

LASC G04 - Head Coach

LA Soccer Club | Director 

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Fundraising for my daughter(Miranda Castro)youth soccer team / LASC G2004 Bradbury NPL
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