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Help For Medical Expenses
First Responders
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Created July 13th, 2022

My name is Charles but have always been known as Ernie. I started my Career in Law Enforcement in 1982 as a Park Ranger and became a Deputy Sheriff in 1988. In 1998 while driving home after a shift I suffered a heart attack. But after a stent placement I recovered quickly and was back at work. In 2004 I suffered another heart attack which required a triple bypass. In total I have had six heart attacks. Four while still employed as a Deputy Sheriff. During my Career I received several commendations and The Star of Valor. After reaching the rank of Leutenant I retired in 2010 due to health issues. Since retirement I have been diagnosed with PTSD and the health issues continue. I have now been diagnosed with Neurodocrine Carcinoma Cancer. Needless to say even though I have insurance my medical copays and other out of pocket expenses have from health issues before and after retirement have been astronomical. With the new diagnosis of cancer it has placed an even larger burden on me. I am organising this fund-raising myself to attempt to tell my own story instead of burdening a family member or friend. I'm strong and will remain strong and with help from family friends and hopefully the community will overcome this also. I'm asking for any help and consideration. Thanks for taking the time to read such a long read.

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Help For Medical Expenses
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