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Help in the cremation costs of Kenneth Raemdonck retired NYPD Mounted Unit 1964/1985
Law Enforcement
New York
Created December 22nd, 2023

Asking on behalf of my father to help finance his cremation. I am his son Scott and his last remaining family member. Although my father was sick at the time of his death, he always faced the most adverse conditions and battled bravely through anything life threw at him. This included a winning battle against prostate and bladder cancer and two bouts of cvid 19 since 2020. I am asking on my part for financial help as I have been out of work due to a severe leg injury I suffered in 2021. While making my rounds around Manhattan one day and soon realizing that I may be out of options for helping my fathers cause, I ran into Detective Garlands former partner who took some time in hearing about my  plight. With great concern and yes, divine intervention, he was able to point me in the direction of the Fundthefirst charity website. My father absolutely loved his job and was proud to be part of the NYPDs finest family. All or most of the people he worked with or considered friends have passed or moved on and I am hoping maybe someone will recognize him and step into help. This is honestly all I have left. Anything or any amount to get me close to helping him in eternal rest is greatly appreciated.

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Help in the cremation costs of Kenneth Raemdonck retired NYPD Mounted Unit 1964/1985
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