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Help Kyler Beat Leukemia
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Created June 29th, 2022
Kyler is 7 years old and just started the first grade this past August. He is sweet, giggly, mischievous, smart, lovable, and funny. He loves the outdoors, ninjas, and figuring out how things work. Now, he is also a child who has a blood cancer as Kyler was just diagnosed on September 17, 2021 with B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. His dad who is a full time sheriff deputy and family who are trying to keep a normal life for Kyler despite the difficulties. 
After his first phase of treatment, the results were not what we wanted to hear. Kyler still had persistent leukemia cells in his bone marrow. This meant that Kyler would have to have more intensive chemotherapy in the next phase of treatment. It has been rougher on him with lots of nausea/vomiting and he has been very fatigued. At the end of these two months, we pray for no leukemia cells to be in his bone marrow. Kyler still has a long road ahead even if no leukemia cells are found as treatment lasts 3 years. Kyler has already been through so much that no child should have to go through. He has had his initial stay in the hospital, ER visit, weekly clinic visits, chest port placed, spinal taps, bone marrow aspiration, chemotherapy, gone from taking no medication to taking multiple, blood transfusions, having difficulty walking, pain in his legs/feet, nausea/vomiting, can't go to school right now and has to do homebound school, etc.

Kyler is a fighter. If you would like to contribute to Kyler's fight with leukemia by making any donation, the family would be beyond appreciative. Any donations would go to help with medical expenses, gas expenses to hospital/clinic, hospital parking, food expenses during medical treatments, to help support the family with any out of pocket expenses, and anything that Kyler may need. If you do not have the means to make a donation we understand, but please pray for Kyler and the family. The family appreciates all the love, support, and prayers they are getting from all around. 

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