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Help my family get into a new home
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Created August 31st, 2022

So my husband took on a job and we live in a company house I have 4 kids , get gets paid on commission, so some days he won’t bring home anything , we are trying to get us into a house or a trailer . At the moment I can’t work due to his 9am -11pm job . We are wanting a house to call ours . And if we can get into a new house he can get a new job . Or work slower hours so I can help to. And also get a job . This is the first time I have not had a job . I have a 7 year old , 4 year old , 3 year old , and a 1 year old . Anything helps , so I can get back on my feet and we can finally have a place called our home . 

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Help my family get into a new home
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