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Help Needed For Madison Schreiber!
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Created December 20th, 2023
The Schreiber family needs your help. Peter has been a member of the Holtsville Fire Department for over 15 years, having been one of the most active members of the department for many of those years. Peter, and his wife Cassandra, welcomed two beautiful baby girls, Sophia and Madison, into the world on July 24th, 2023. The girls were born premature and spent the early days of their lives in the NICU. Sophia came home one month after birth while Madison remained in the NICU fighting to get stronger. In Early October, Madison made her way home to be with her family but still had a  long battle to fight. As of recently, Madison has encountered some new health issues that the Schreiber family has had to deal with. Madison has already gone through one major surgery, with more in the future to help resolve her condition. As a result, Peter and Cassandra have spent a multitude of time with her in the hospital. This has left mom and dad having to miss many family events, holidays and even work. With a long road ahead for the Schreiber Family, we are looking to ease the burden as Madison fights the good fight to get better. We appreciate anything that you can contribute. All proceeds will go directly to the Schreiber Family.

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Hayley Avila
Hayley Avila donated $200
6 months ago
Colleen & John Spiciati
Colleen & John Spiciati donated $100

Thinking of you and your family.

6 months ago
Anonymous donated $57
6 months ago
Joanne Halm
Joanne Halm donated $100
6 months ago
Mike Escue
Mike Escue donated $100
6 months ago
Anonymous donated $50
6 months ago
Samantha Dean
Samantha Dean donated $100

We’re always thinking of you. Love the Deans

6 months ago
Krista Muyters
Krista Muyters donated $40
6 months ago
Steve Fellmeth
Steve Fellmeth donated $100
6 months ago
Gerry Morano
Gerry Morano donated $100

Sending Love ❤️

6 months ago

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Help Needed For Madison Schreiber!
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