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Support families of Israeli police killed by terrorists
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Created October 11th, 2023

***The Israeli Chapter of the International Police Association will distribute the money to the families.  We are grateful for their assistance and support!***

On Sunday, October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists stormed into Israel in an unprecedented attack on innocent Israelis, wounding and killing thousands while taking many more hostage.  During this horrific attack, numerous brave Israeli police officers answered the call to protect and serve their communities.  While fighting back against Hamas, a large number of these courageous officers were killed, with many others wounded.  In the Town of Sderot alone, terrorists killed 30 police officers and civilian employees when they seized the police station.  The Israeli Defense Force had to bulldoze the building to drive out the terrorists and recover the deceased.  Similar tragedies occurred throughout Israel and the total number of officers killed or wounded continues to rise.

While there is no way to undo these terrible actions, we can help those who survived and the families of our injured and fallen heroes.  The noble actions of Law Enforcement Officers Weekend, a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help families of injured and fallen law enforcement officers in the United states, inspired me.  100% of the funds raised will be distributed to the families of the Israeli police officers killed/injured by these terrorists.  I'm honored to have LEO Weekend help me raise funds and distribute the proceeds.  Even a small contribution will go a long way as these families' lives have been turned upside down.  Thank you for your support and generosity.

Shalom - Peace

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meris First
meris First donated $360

Good luck on continuing this fund raising effort for families of Israeli Police Officers. Meris First and family

2 months ago
Samuel Davis
Samuel Davis Diamond: Donate at least $5,000 to earn this badge. donated $100

From Nassau Shomrim member

3 months ago

Thanks for attending the Shomrim Meeting

3 months ago
Robert Williams
Robert Williams donated $50
3 months ago
franklin abramowitz
franklin abramowitz donated $300
4 months ago
Anonymous donated $200
5 months ago
Anonymous Diamond: Donate at least $5,000 to earn this badge. donated $300
5 months ago
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy donated $100
5 months ago
PBA RVC donated $500
6 months ago
Nancy Sherrod
Nancy Sherrod donated $100

In memory of Roni Abuharon and the town of Ofakim.

6 months ago

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Support families of Israeli police killed by terrorists
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