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First Responders
Help probationary firefighter Rocco Picciano get back on his feet.
First Responders
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New York
Created January 19th, 2023

Peekskill Firefighters Association Local 2343 would like set up a fund for our newly graduated Career firefighter. Picciano was one of many who lost their home in the Hillcrest Park fire. Let’s come together and give back to a man who has committed his life to now protect the citizens of Peekskill as a Career firefighter. 

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Nicola DeMarco
Nicola DeMarco donated $50
1 year ago
Jim Mahoney
Jim Mahoney donated $100
1 year ago
JAMES MCMULLEN donated $200
1 year ago
Al Bueti
Al Bueti donated $50
1 year ago
Bill Perritt
Bill Perritt donated $250
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $50
1 year ago
John Adams
John Adams donated $50
1 year ago
Pete Harckham
Pete Harckham donated $200

Sen Harckham would like to help and make a contribution.

1 year ago
LPFFA Local 895
LPFFA Local 895 donated $200
1 year ago
Michael Galucci
Michael Galucci donated $100
1 year ago

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Help probationary firefighter Rocco Picciano get back on his feet.
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