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Help Victor Get Back on His Feet - Donate Today!
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North Carolina
Created January 25th, 2024
Dear friends,
I'm Victor, facing an unexpected life-altering challenge. On January 30, 2024, I'll undergo foot surgery, leaving me unable to work for 9 weeks.
Due to overuse at work, medical bills are piling up, rendering me financially incapacitated. I created this fundraiser with the goal of covering medical bills, mortgages, insurance, and car payments until I return to work in April 2024. I plan to work overtime as soon as my doctor gives me the OK post-surgery.
As someone who has always been independent and hardworking, it's difficult for me to ask for help. Years of hard work have led to mandatory surgery, and I face mounting debt as I cannot return to work until April.
Your donations will help me keep our home and maintain stability for my family. Any contribution, regardless of the amount, is appreciated and will bring me closer to healing. Please share this fundraiser to help me reach my goal.
Thank you for reading my story. May you all be well and blessed always.

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Help Victor Get Back on His Feet - Donate Today!
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