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Helping FF Lall in a time of need
First Responders
Catastrophic Loss
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Created March 29th, 2023

We are trying to raise money to help our Firefighter Brother Deo out, with his medical bills and other miscellaneous bills. Deo is a 9 yr veteran firefighter of the FDNY. As a member of Engine 153 in Staten Island, NY. His reputation is highly looked upon in our firehouse, as well as throughout the FDNY. Deo had just finished up working a night tour in the firehouse, and felt some numbness in his feet. He drove to the ER to get checked out. During his visit to the ER, they discovered a cancerous (sarcoma) mass in his spine. Due to the severity of its location. It was determined that Deo would need emergency surgery, and he was airlifted (via helicopter) to North Shore University hospital in Long Island, NY. Where they specialize in these types of surgeries. During the surgery, part of his thoracic spine was removed and fused together. Since the surgery, he has been treated via chemotherapy, but unfortunately another small mass was discovered during follow up scans.

The medical bills for treatments, rehabilitation and for the airlift (via helicopter ), are to much for Deo and his family to handle. Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated by his wife Devon and their 2 children Deo ( 4 ) and Luca ( 1 ). As well as all the members of Engine 153 & Ladder 77 “Broad St. Bullies”

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Anonymous donated $25
6 days ago
Carl Trincone
Carl Trincone donated $100
1 week ago
Annette Andolina
Annette Andolina donated $100
2 weeks ago
Cristina Giangrande
Cristina Giangrande donated $50
2 weeks ago
Paul Di Eugenia
Paul Di Eugenia donated $50

RIP Deo. Prayers to your family.

2 weeks ago
Mark Sinclair
Mark Sinclair donated $150
2 weeks ago
Anonymous donated $50
2 weeks ago
Donna Morabito
Donna Morabito donated $25
3 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
Joseph Surowiec
Joseph Surowiec donated $50
3 weeks ago
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