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First Responders
Jade's Journey
First Responders
Catastrophic Loss
Created March 14th, 2023

Sergeant Mitchell Alvarez with the Brentwood Police Department and his family have been going through a tragic medical situation with their daughter Jade. Jade has been diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, which is bone marrow failure. It is a very rare disease and even more rare in a child her age. Sergeant Alvarez has been a police officer for 15 years serving our community and also served our country as a United States Marine Corps veteran. We here at the Brentwood Police Department are asking the community to assist us in helping the Alvarez Family with medical expenses they will have through Jade’s long journey. Below is a message from the family:

Over the past few months, our 4 year old daughter Jade has experienced life threatening medical problems. In December of 2022, we noticed bruising all over her body that we had no explanation for. We took her to the pediatrician where she was immediately sent for lab work. That evening we received a phone call that has since flipped our world upside down. Jade’s blood counts were critically low. She was sent to a pediatric hematologist and hospitalized for multiple transfusions, observation and a bone marrow biopsy. She was released, but monitored very closely with blood draws and weekly transfusions for a few months. A couple weeks ago they did another bone marrow biopsy to officially diagnose her with Severe Aplastic Anemia. We are heartbroken and devastated by this diagnosis. This is bone marrow failure which means her body isn’t producing anywhere near the amount of blood she needs to live. This disease is fatal and the only cure is a bone marrow transplant. The first preferred line of treatment is a sibling matched donor. We our among the very lucky few to have our 7 year old daughter Ava be a 100% perfect genetic match to Jade for a transplant donor. Jade’s disease is progressing greatly and her health is declining rapidly. Very soon Jade will be admitted into UCSF for a couple months. She will first undergo chemotherapy to prep her body for her transplant, then receive her big sister’s stem cells to save her life. Our older daughter Ava will also be admitted into UCSF for surgery to remove her healthy marrow from her hips in order to transplant Jade. We also have a 2 year old son, Cruz who very much needs us as well. One of us will always be with Jade in the hospital for the intense care she needs while the other is home caring for our other two children. Please keep Jade and our family in your prayers as we walk this incredibly challenging road ahead.

Thank you, Mitchell and Brittany. 

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Prdro Alvarez
Prdro Alvarez donated $1,000
8 months ago
Anonymous donated $100
9 months ago
Jan Dombrower
Jan Dombrower donated $36

Friend of Joan & Bob

10 months ago
kevin Bollinger
kevin Bollinger donated $110

Prayers are for you and your family Jade. You are loved. From the Sanctuary Sunday School Class Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Martin Georgia 🙏🏼🙏🏼💚💚

11 months ago
Joan Evitt
Joan Evitt donated $100

This donation is from my friend JoAnn Fehrmann. She sends prayers to Jade & the Alvarez family.💚

11 months ago
Jennie Way
Jennie Way donated $25

This donation is from my 92 year old friend Juanita. She prays that God will put his loving and healing arms around the whole family and comfort all of you through this.

11 months ago
kevin Bollinger
kevin Bollinger donated $20

From Tommy and Diane Slayton in Martin Ga. Prayers are going up for your family. Lord bless ya’ll.

11 months ago
Colette Moore
Colette Moore donated $50

The Moore family sends prayers and love to the Alvarez family and their sweet girls! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

1 year ago
Alice Runnels
Alice Runnels donated $100

Love, the Mark Runnels family.❤️💚🙏

1 year ago
Anonymous donated $100
1 year ago
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