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First Responders
Jimmy Heinz
First Responders
Created February 17th, 2023

As many of you know by now, retired Clearwater Police Sergeant, James (Jimmy) Heinz, is in a fight for his life. This past Thanksgiving (2022), Jimmy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer which has spread to multiple organs and as a result is not operable; Chemotherapy is the only option he has been given as a chance for survival. With that said, Jimmy's insurance covers a limited amount of his medical bills, which have now exceeded $25,000 out of pocket, and to add to the financial burden he and his family have already faced, he is preparing for a specialized therapy that involves experimental treatments and those treatments are not covered in any way by his insurance. To date, Jimmy’s cancer fight has had a substantial impact on his family’s savings, as it was an expense they never expected to face at this time in their lives, and they need our help to ease their financial burden. 

Jimmy has served the public and his community nearly his entire life. He began as a Firefighter in New York from 1978 to December 1982 and then served with the Clearwater Police Department (CPD) from January 1983 until June 2003, where he retired as a patrol sergeant. During his time with CPD, Jimmy served as hostage negotiator, crime scene investigator, marine enforcement unit and as part of the drug enforcement operations with Blue Lightning Task Force in Miami. For his bravery, he received the Combat Cross for engaging an armed subject during a crowded Spring Break on Clearwater Beach when he neutralized the subject without injury to any civilians or fellow officers. Jimmy also owned and operated Heinz Air Conditioning and Heating from 1987 until 2019 and during that time he frequently donated air conditioning systems or repairs to charitable organizations, youth sports teams and other programs that engage the youth in our surrounding communities. 

As someone who has given so much of himself for so many decades, Jimmy now needs our help. It’s always difficult when we hear someone is battling cancer and its even more so when it is someone you know and someone who, for decades, was willing to lay down his life at any moment for those he didn’t know. That is bravery, and while he’s showing that same bravery today, Jimmy and his family now need our support to help lend him added strength as he battles this cancer. 

Please donate what you are able to, any amount helps, and most importantly, please keep Jimmy and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he moves forward with the specialized therapy. Thank you in advance!


February 21st, 2023
Kenny Davenport, Organizer

UPDATE: On Monday February 20th, Jimmy lost his battle with cancer.  He is in God's hands now and heaven is a better place because of it.

When I talked to him, Jimmy's biggest concern during this journey was not himself, but the impact this would have on his family and that he would leave Sue in a bad financial situation due to all the medical expenses.  Let's make sure that does not happen.  Let's not forget his wife Sue and the rest of the family. 

PLEASE continue to support Jimmy's memory and the Heinz family in your thoughts and prayers and donate if you can.

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Marianna Grillo
Marianna Grillo donated $50

Prayers for you and your family

1 year ago
Bryan Norris
Bryan Norris donated $100
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $25
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $10
1 year ago
George Blanchard
George Blanchard donated $25
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $10
1 year ago
Paul Morris
Paul Morris donated $250

So sorry for your loss. He was a great guy with a great attitude and sense of humor.

1 year ago
John Tennant
John Tennant donated $20
1 year ago
Edwin Morales
Edwin Morales donated $50

Sending prayers for healing and restoration in the name of JESUS CHRIST, our LORD and SAVIOR . 🙏🏼❤️✝️

1 year ago
Anonymous donated $18
1 year ago

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