Let's Help Our Friend, Emily Masiello
Catastrophic Loss
New York
Created January 31st, 2023

Emily is easily one of the most loveable people we know. She lights up the room simply by being in it. Her kindness, humor, and enthusiasm have made her an instant confidant to so many across the Massapequa and Adelphi communities. Everyone can agree, their world is a much brighter place when she is in your life.

Emily is an extraordinary Mom, loving girlfriend to her police officer boyfriend Mike, affectionate daughter, supportive sister, and dependable nurse. There are so many positives ways to describe Emily, but most of all, she is as loyal of a friend as one can get... and now, our friend needs our help.

On January 23, 2023, Emily suffered a hemorrhagic stroke caused by an AVM rupture. She is currently at Good Samaritan Hospital, recovering from emergency brain surgery and preparing for a long rehabilitation journey ahead of her.

This will be her biggest challenge yet. She is fighting everyday to come back stronger and better for her son, Quinn. Emily maintains a positive attitude, vowing to take things one day at a time. We know she is tenacious and resilient, and she deserves to see the brighter days that lie ahead of her. 

 We want to help ease her burden as much as we can. By providing some financial support, Emily can focus on getting back home, stronger than ever. Monies collected will go towards extensive medical costs, caring for her baby Quinn, and everyday expenses. Every little bit helps! All donations, big or small, can help show Em how many people love her, and are behind her on her journey to recovery. 

Thank you in advance to everyone who is donating.  It truly means everything to Emily and her friends/family to have your support. We appreciate every kind word, prayer, and gesture during this challenging time. Please continue to keep Emily in your thoughts and prayers. 

God Bless you, Em. You are loved unconditionally, and your whole team is rooting for you!


February 17th, 2023
Alyssa Jaramillo, Organizer

 90k, unbelievable! We greatly appreciate the continued love and support for Em’s recovery. she has been working hard day in and day out. Emily has been progressing very well during her therapies and remains driven to achieve her goals!

February 5th, 2023
Alyssa Jaramillo, Organizer

Emily is off to a great start at rehab!!  We can’t thank everyone enough for their generous donations, and for spreading the word to your friends and family. She is BEYOND loved. Please continue to keep Emily in your thoughts. She’s got this!!

February 3rd, 2023
Alyssa Jaramillo, Organizer

70k!! And Emily has arrived at Kessler Saddlebrook for rehab! One of the best rehabs in the country - only the best for our girl ❤️❤️ one step closer! 

February 2nd, 2023
Alyssa Jaramillo, Organizer

We have reached another goal, Thank you!!! Everyone’s generosity has been overwhelming. We are hoping Emily will be discharged to rehab this week! 

February 1st, 2023
Alyssa Jaramillo, Organizer

$50,000 in 24 hours, this is amazing! It is going to help out our girl so much! Cannot thank everyone enough!! 

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Courtney Sullivan
Courtney Sullivan donated $50
8 months ago
Anonymous donated $500
9 months ago
Chris Armas
Chris Armas donated $100
1 year ago
Lori Caltabellotta-Young
Lori Caltabellotta-Young donated $25

My prayers are with you to get stronger each day.

1 year ago
Lori Zambuto
Lori Zambuto donated $25
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $25
1 year ago
Josh Klinger
Josh Klinger donated $100
1 year ago
Lisa Guglielmo
Lisa Guglielmo donated $100
1 year ago
Danielle Geiger
Danielle Geiger donated $50

So happy for her progress and that she is home! Keep up the great work!

1 year ago
John Maloney
John Maloney donated $100
1 year ago
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