Life Skills Building Fund
North Carolina
Created February 27th, 2023

Obedience of Faith Corporation is a nonprofit organization supporting youth and young adults by training and equipping them with the tools needed to succeed.  Our training prepares them for adulthood and provides the missing supports and services transition-age youth need as they gain the skills to be self-sufficient.  These include housing, case management, independent living skills classes, helping them shop and budget, helping them open a bank account, encouraging them to graduate, challenging them to plan and save for the future, volunteering/employment opportunities, and many more areas.


We are looking to collaborate and partner with local businesses to do fundraisers and events to bring awareness to our program and the resources needed to continue our mission to help our communities by empowering and equipping our youth.  Our Executive Director envisioned starting this organization over 15 years ago.  Still, as a military spouse to an active-duty soldier, she understood that she would have to relocate every two years.

Obedience of Faith Corporation continued training the youth, as she would take on the youth herself as she traveled.  This would not allow for the stability needed to manage the program.

Her family has since retired, and she is now starting the program back up, and we need a home in which these life skills can continue so that we can impact the community on a larger scale.

All money donated will go toward the startup cost, including lease/purchase, setup, and supplies for a successful program.  This program will directly impact youth in Cumberland County and Johnston County areas.  Think of what we offer and how having this program would have changed your life between 15-24.  Imagine being taught financial literacy and its impact on you and your family today.  That is only one of the benefits of our program. 


We are asking for monetary donations in any amount you can afford. 

Sheri J. Abraham

Executive Director

921 Town Centre Blvd #1066 Clayton, NC 27520


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