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Created June 6th, 2022

This Story comes directly from the family . Thank you for taking the time to read.

If you have children who spend time with my children , please read this to yourself or privately....

Crazy how your life can change in a matter of hours. On Friday, I was working from home and getting my bags packed to go to Monterey to run two Spartans back to back... Getting the house cleaned and ready for David to be on daddy duty while I was out of town. Kids were going to stay with gramma Saturday and spend time with-their cousins.

But Luca woke up Friday with a black eye. Neither David nor I knew of him taking a fall and he didn't tell us that he had hurt himself. On Wednesday Luca went to the dentist because his teeth hurt but they didn't find any infection. He was put on antibiotics just incase there was an infection brewing that was causing him pain. He also saw his pediatrician who also did not see anything. When he woke up Friday with a puffy, blueing eye and puffy face, I immediately emailed his pediatrician and asked for more tests . She called me about 8:30 and told me she let the ER know that we were coming and to come get a CT scan of that area of his head and face.

When we got to the ER , he got checked out, they drew some blood just to make sure everything was normal(it was) and the ER physician on duty came to tell us they would do the scan but as long as it is clear, they would treat this as a little that we missed and he'd be on his way to finish the antibiotics.

It was several hours but when the doctor finally came to give us the results of the scan, it was the absolute worst moment of my life.

" I am really sorry to tell you this, Luca's scan did not come back normal"

I looked hard at David. The doctor's phone rang and he jumped out of the room. We could hear him talking just outside the door.

" Hello, I need to arrange a pediatric transfer to Kaiser in Oakland" ....I looked at David and my whole body got warm on the inside and I folded over the hospital bed.

The last 48 hours have been an absolute nightmare. We were transported via ambulance to Kaiser Children's in Oakland. Luca has another full CT scan, an MRI, lots of blood work. Last night we started what is likely the beginning of a minimum of 6 months of chemotherapy. Our baby boy has cancer.

Today he had several small surgeries including a biopsy to confirm the exact type of cancer. They are pretty sure they know what kind of cancer it is. It is in several parts of his body including several organs and is fast spreading. The tumor near his eye grew 50% in one day and has already deteriorated some bones in his face.

We are devastated, confused, broken, and trying to muster the strength through these days and hopefully see our boy turn around for the better soon. We are Camped out at Kaiser for the next week + while Luca starts chemotherapy. I have never in my life through I would be a parent to a child with cancer. There is no history of cancer like this in our family, it is not hereditary, nor environmental. It is just something that... happens.

Thank you to everyone in our inner circle for being there to support us. Your help and prayers have meant everything to us. If you want to be helpful, please donate blood. Luca will possibly need blood transfusions as he goes through chemo. Please also continue to pray for his healing and our comfort.

Its really hard to share such personal information and we probably wont share the details of his updates, just know we feel the prayers and ask you continue to keep our boy in your heart. He has been an absolute blessing the entirety of his life .

Stell and Liam only know that Luca has some boo boo's inside his body and we are staying at the hospital while he gets his medicine.

With love,

David & Cassie


June 15th, 2022
Jessie Mellan, Organizer

We know now Luca has a form of Leukemia " B-All" and this will take months of chemo , treatment, prayers and love. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive and continues to send well wishes to our family. We appreciate everything so much.

June 8th, 2022
Jessie Mellan, Organizer

We are waiting on the conformation after the biopsy but current signs are leaning toward " Burkitt Lymphoma" The "initial 6 months of chemo is to blast his poor little body and jump start the healing process. " During this 6 months we will be traveling back and fourth to Oakland 4-5 times a week for his treatments.

Once the 6 months are over in the initial treatment he gets evaluated to see where we are and what the game plan is but we have been advised this will be at least a 2 year ride.

Our family cannot thank the local community enough , as well as the extended community that has been made aware of our needs. This is a true Brotherhood for which I am thankful.

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Greg Iskander
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Michelle Hasan donated $50

Best wishes and God's grace to Luca.

1 year ago
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Jon Denson
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God bless, Luca & the Smith Family. I had the honor to serve with his grandfather, who was loved & appreciated by all.

1 year ago
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