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Created September 2nd, 2022

I've recently had my gallbladder bladder removed and 2 days later get really sick by internal bleeding had to do a emergency surgery to stop the bleeding I died 2 times during that been in hospital for a week could not work because I now have problems walking it's so hard for me to do daily tasks or move around I'm always in pain I recently bought a car but it keeps having problems that is my only way around I don't have much money to pay my bills or for medical or to get my car fixed I been struggling for quite some now all I'm hoping for is some help so I can try to get back on my feet and get caught up I don't want to lose my house or my kids to live on the street and I have a baby on the way so it's been so hard so please find it in your hearts to try to help with anything pleaseĀ 

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