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Created May 4th, 2024

Little Luca Cerullo was diagnosed with two neurological diseases, Sandhoff Disease and Coffin Siris Syndrome. It is estimated that one in a million people are affected by this horrible disease, that relentlessly affects the brain and spinal cord on a cellular level. There is no cure for this disease, and just prior to sweet Luca's first birthday, his parents were given the unimaginable news that he would not reach his second birthday. Luca's father, Anthony, is a Suffolk County Police Officer and a volunteer for a local ambulance company, Luca's mother, Allison, is a former Police dispatcher, who now is home full time with Luca. The medical bills, that are already beginning to mount, and lost time from work, will inevitable be devastating to this young family. Please give to our family of Blue as they try to deal with, what is beyond what anyone should ever have to endure. Thank you. 

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God Bless🙏

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Hopes and prayers to my two dear friends and their beautiful baby

1 week ago
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