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Ongoing Support for NYPD LODD Officer Diller
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Created March 28th, 2024


In light of the overwhelming influx of inquiries received via email and social media regarding the absence of a fundraiser on our platform, we have taken decisive action to address this concern.

As the CEO of our platform, and as a retired NYPD detective from Massapequa, the tragic news of Officer Diller's incident resonates deeply with me. It is my unwavering commitment to ensure that Officer Diller's family receives the continued support they need during this challenging period.

Although we have not yet had direct communication with Officer Diller's family, I want to reassure our community that every donation made through this fundraiser will be directed exclusively to Officer Diller's spouse. Transparency and integrity serve as the guiding principles of our initiative.

In these trying times, it is paramount to establish a reliable avenue for donations, one that is devoid of any fees and thoroughly vetted. Our aspiration is to furnish a platform where individuals can contribute without apprehension of exploitation by opportunistic elements seeking personal gain.

Let us unite as a community to stand in solidarity with Officer Diller's family, demonstrating our unwavering support in a manner that truly makes a meaningful impact.

Rest in Peace 💙🙏💙

*This fundraiser will only remain active for 3 days, ending 3/31/2024, unless the goal is surpassed and significant donations are flowing*


March 30th, 2024
Robert Garland, CEO, Organizer

At this juncture, we have made the decision to extend the duration of the fundraiser indefinitely to ensure ongoing support for Stephanie and her son. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has continued to share and contribute, as well as to those who attended today's funeral to express their support for Officer Diller and his family. Your unwavering kindness and solidarity are deeply appreciated.

March 29th, 2024
Robert Garland, CEO, Organizer

Stephanie Diller, Officer Diller's wife, is now aware of the ongoing Fund the First here on our platform. To all our donors, thank you all for your continued support to the Diller Family. We assure you that all donations will be directly allocated to Mrs. Diller. Please continue to share and send prayers.

March 29th, 2024
Robert Garland, CEO, Organizer

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have generously contributed and supported our fundraiser thus far. Together, we have exceeded our initial target of $20,000, and now set our sights on achieving our next milestone of $50,000. Your ongoing support is invaluable, not only in monetary terms but also in demonstrating the profound care and compassion that exists within our community. 

Let us continue to spread the word about our campaign, emphasizing the significance of the solidarity and compassion behind each donation. Officer Diller's family deserves to feel the embrace of a nationwide community that deeply cares for their well-being.

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Henry Ciborowski
Henry Ciborowski donated $100
1 month ago
Christopher Jennings
Christopher Jennings donated $100
1 month ago
Beatriz Barraza
Beatriz Barraza donated $10

May God bless you and your family.

1 month ago
Nancy Gessner
Nancy Gessner donated $50
1 month ago
Kenny Furr
Kenny Furr donated $50
1 month ago
Debra Brengel
Debra Brengel donated $50
1 month ago
Anonymous donated $3
1 month ago
Jorge Nowell-Enriquez
Jorge Nowell-Enriquez donated $20
1 month ago
William Iger
William Iger donated $50
1 month ago
Jay Jacobs
Jay Jacobs donated $250

Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice.

1 month ago
Ongoing Support for NYPD LODD Officer Diller
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