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"Paddle For Patriots" Help support the 13 Military Families whose sons and daughters were killed in Kabul
Created August 31st, 2021

You are invited to  join us for a “Paddle Out” fundraiser on the Newport Bay, September 11, 2021 @ 11:30am. Imagine 40 to 50 paddle boards and kayaks parading along the Newport Bay proudly donning the American Flag in honor of our fallen US Service Members. The Balboa Bay Club, Newport Board Club and NAC has graciously provided paddle boards and kayaks for those of us who do have access to either. Some of us will launch from BBC and others from a friends dock on Balboa Island. The route will include an easy paddle beginning in front of the Balboa Bay Club to the turning basin in front of Nobu and Elks Lodge. We will unite in a large circle where Nick Nagel and attending Veterans will conduct a memorial in honor of “The 13 Fallen” & surviving families. The group will continue onto Billy's for a Dockside social and end back at the Balboa Bay Club  3:30pm. Your donations will go directly to the families of the 13 US Service Members who were killed in the Kabul bombing.

 Even if you are unable to attend, we encourage donations of any amount to help reach our goal of $40,000, in which 100% of proceeds will be dispersed equally among the 13 families. Please refer to the Donation link.


Dress attire is Red, White & Blue, suggest waterproof fanny packs to hold shoes, phones, wallets, sunblock, and keys

Starting  Point 11:30am – 12:00pm: Depending on your specific instructions, you will launch from either the  Balboa Bay Club Guest Dock located at 1221 West Coast HWY, Newport Beach, CA or Sea Scouts next door.  Plan on arriving at 11:30am to launch your board or get assigned to a donated board or Kayak.

12:00pm Take Off: Our chase boat sponsored by Randy Phelan leaves at 12pm sharp from BBC (first aid kit, drinks, water will be provided)

 12:30pm - 1:30pm: We arrive in turning basin area in front of Nobu and Elks Lodge and form a circle. The Military  representatives will conduct a "Tribute To Life" ceremony to honor the 13 fallen US Service Members.

1:30pm - 3:00pm: We will paddle a few yards away to “Billy’s at the Beach” for a dock side social. Food and beverage service (no-host) will be available.

3:30pm: Return to BBC

RSVP Required via Text or EMAIL. Please include you name.
Nick Nagel, 760-505-6107, [email protected]
Emily Evers Ziebell, 949-294-4350, [email protected]

Please open map photo below for Route information

What happened August 26, 2021 in Kabul, Afghanistan was devastating. 13 US service members lost their lives and 13 knocks on doors in the late and early morning hours had to be made notifying family members. There is nothing worse than the loss of life especially in such a horrific manner. That Thursday, 13 service members were killed  (and many wounded) and within 24 hours,13 families learned their lives would never be the same. Decisions can have far reaching consequences, affecting parents, spouses, siblings, relatives, and friends in ways we cannot imagine. IT IS TIME WE BAND TOGETHER and show these families that fellow Americans support them in the wake of this incredible tragedy.

***We are proud to be working in partnership with Fund the First to ensure all funds reach those affected***


September 7th, 2021


There have been two minor updates to the plan.

1)     If you are borrowing a board from us, please meet and launch at 11:30am at the Balboa Bay Club as originally planned. If you have your own board, please launch your board at 11:30 am at the Boys Scouts Club located at 1931 West Coast Hwy, Newport Beach, CA 92663. Please reference the map photo attached at the bottom of this post.

2)     There has been a change to the itinerary. We will now be conducting the “Tribute To Life Ceremony” FIRST at 12:45. Please review the updated itinerary located below.


Starting  Point 11:30am – 12pm: Meet at the Balboa Bay Club/Boy Scouts Club. You will be instructed to go to the side gate next to the bay beach. Plan on arriving at 11:30am to launch your board or get assigned to a donated board or Kayak.

Take Off 12:00pm: Our chase boat will leave at 12pm sharp (first aid kit, drinks, water will be provided)

First Stop 12:45pm - 1:45pm: Hop on our boards and kayaks, to the turning basin in front of Nobu where we will form a circle and conduct a "Tribute To Life" ceremony to honor the 13 fallen US Service Members.

Second Stop 1:45pm - 2:30pm

Third Stop 2:45pm – 3:45pm: “Billy’s at the Beach” Dockside Social with  food and beverage service (no-host)

End Point 4:00pm: Paddle back to Balboa Bay Club


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Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes donated $50
2 years ago
Anonymous donated $250
2 years ago
Lincoln Waggener
Lincoln Waggener donated $100

Thank you Emily Ziebell for letting me know about this great cause. I’m sorry we weren’t able to join the Paddle for Patriots event.

2 years ago
Tanya Slater
Tanya Slater donated $100
2 years ago
Carrie Forbes
Carrie Forbes donated $250
2 years ago
Edward Del Vecchio
Edward Del Vecchio donated $10
2 years ago
Shayne Davern
Shayne Davern donated $500
2 years ago
Scott and Nicholette Quessenberry
Scott and Nicholette Quessenberry donated $500

You’re a special dude nick keep holding the rope

2 years ago
The Carnows
The Carnows donated $50

Always Remember.

2 years ago
Susan Bechtel
Susan Bechtel donated $100

Wonderful event that I’m proud to be part of! 🇺🇸

2 years ago

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"Paddle For Patriots"  Help support the 13 Military Families whose sons and daughters were killed in Kabul
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