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Please show your love and support for the Children of Victor Lopez
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Created October 20th, 2021

It is with great sorrow I share the passing of my cousin, Victor Anthony Lopez. He fought long and he fought hard; a dignified battle. 

He passed peacefully on Thursday, October 21st, shortly after sunrise due to Covid19 complications.  

It was a privilege and an honor to be not just his cousin but his friend. He sharpened my understanding of family, life, solidarity and most importantly friendship. He was involved in large and small ways in making me smile. 

I come seeking empathy and generosity for the four children he leaves behind; ranging in ages from 19 to 5. Three of his children are mothered by NYPD Police Officer, Jacqueline Vargas. The NYPD is a strong family with a BIG HEART, and I am counting on it. Thank you for being pillars of strength upon which I may rest my head. We are grateful for your support, kindness, and consideration. 


October 21st, 2021
Anthony Miolan, Organizer

Unfortunately Mr. Lopez has passed away this morning. Prayers and condolences go out to the Lopez and Vargas Family. 

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Sid Kapur
Sid Kapur donated $100
1 year ago
Mary Anne Young
Mary Anne Young donated $20
2 years ago
Stephen Polesovsky
Stephen Polesovsky donated $50
2 years ago
michele phillips
michele phillips donated $40

Such Beautiful Children!

2 years ago
Bernardo Montero
Bernardo Montero donated $110

Rest In Peace my dear brother and friend. We will never forget you. Love you.

2 years ago
Erik Delgado
Erik Delgado donated $100
2 years ago
Matt Tarangelo
Matt Tarangelo donated $55

Sincerest Condolences To Your Family

2 years ago
Omar Aguilar
Omar Aguilar donated $100
2 years ago
Anonymous donated $200
2 years ago
Luis Pared
Luis Pared donated $75

My condolences 💐 my brother!! You will always be remembered. Rest In Peace Luis Pared 172st

2 years ago

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Please show your love and support for the Children of Victor Lopez
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