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PO Tsakos fund
First Responders
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Created April 27th, 2021

Today at around 2 am PO Tsakos who works with the NYPD Hwy patrol 3 was on duty helping other officers on a job on the LIE , while outside his veh PO Tsakos was struck and killed by a drunk driver. Officer Tsakos leaves behind a wife and two beautiful young children . This page was created in order to help with the financial burden on officers family , I thank everyone for their support in this difficult time and please stay safe 

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Christopher Wagner
Christopher Wagner donated $1
2 years ago
Tammy Graves
Tammy Graves donated $1
2 years ago
Anonymous donated $35
2 years ago
Anonymous donated $15
2 years ago
Trisha Zuvich
Trisha Zuvich donated $50
2 years ago
Jim Peck
Jim Peck donated $1
2 years ago
Peter Chambertides
Peter Chambertides donated $425

kypie ihcoy xpicte eλehcon me. May his memory be eternal.

3 years ago
Anonymous donated $100
3 years ago
patrick miller
patrick miller Bronze: Donate at least $100 to earn this badge. donated $300
3 years ago
Kieran Croke
Kieran Croke donated $75
3 years ago

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