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Law Enforcement
Remember Our Fallen
Law Enforcement
Created October 29th, 2023

Our purpose is to honor the sacrifice made by Law Enforcement Officers who were killed in the line of duty.  We produce and place wreaths at the final resting places of Fallen Officers during the winter holiday season. This program  was started by the family of Philadelphia Police Officer John Pawlowski who was killed in the line of duty on February 13, 2009. Johnny was the last of seven Philadelphia Police Officers who had been killed in a two year period of time. His family was inspired by the national Wreaths Across America program and wanted to find a way to honor other Fallen Officers who were were interred in the same cemetery with John.  That first year's effort, which began with a fleeting thought and 18 gravesites, was the beginning of what would become a national memorial program.  To date, we have functioning chapters in Pennsylvania, Arizona,  Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida,  Maryland, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky,  Utah, New Jersey and New York.  We also honor Fallen Officers in Alaska, Alabama, Missouri and South Dakota.  We continue to grow each year and are proud for this program to be a part of Johnny's legacy.  As we grow, so do our expenses.  Our costs include supplies to make the wreaths, shipping costs, storage, office supplies and the wreaths themselves. Any amount donated will assist us in remembering our Fallen.

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Remember Our Fallen
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