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Created May 30th, 2021

Did you know that our Veterans are at 50% higher risk of suicide than their peers who have not served?

There are around 22 veteran suicides every day which is 22 too many. 

This is a huge problem, our veterans, men and women that fight and defend our freedom as a nation deserve better care and support. The suicide rate have gone thru the roof during the current health crisis. Veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We must work together to not only end veteran suicide but to support the surviving family members as well!

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said "the military saw suicides averaging roughly one per day over the first half of 2012". 

The effect of on the surviving family members, friends and fellow brothers and sisters in arms is felt for years after they have pass. 

These families of our soldier have already sacrifice so much over the course of their loved one’s military career and are oftentimes overlooked in the wake of a veteran’s suicide; which should have never happened in the first place.

I have PTSD, and I’ve experienced first hand the healing power of different therapeutic programs that I have participate on. No one has to go it alone, and I’m trying to do something about it and help my fellow veterans.

Please help us give hope to those deserving veterans whose lives have already been shattered and who are in despair. Bringing awareness of these program is important because it can help make all the difference. It can restore their hope long enough to fight another day. We can help our troops and veterans get the support they need & deserve.

Our troops - Veterans have an unspoken bond, that they only get to feel when they are surrounded by other veterans. It is a sense of camadery that they really cannot find anywhere else, these programs  facilitate an environment that bring then together where everybody else is feeling the same thing and allow them to find the breathing space, to feel accepted again and find the space to bond with others like them. In other words programs like these.

We are raising funds to complete the editing and post production of AMOR umbrella tv show: a show and movement that is on a global mission to raise awareness for veteran suicide, to help reduce the number of veteran suicides and suicide attempts around the world. Your contributions will help complete this show which will focus on providing alternatives solutions to deal with this real issue, while helping people find the hope they need to heal and stay alive.  #RestoringHope #GivingHope

With your help, we want to wage our own battle against military suicide through a tv series called AMOR umbrella TV. Each of the Episodes will highlight different organization across the us.

My name is Niurka Castaneda. I am a veteran myself, and a Veteran, ADHD, PTSD, Suicide awareness advocate. I am the Producer & Host of AMOR umbrella TV broadcast on Legrity Media network. I produce the AMOR umbrella TV as a Producer & Content Provider through my Production Company, Hope 4 Vets Films & Media Production.

Show Synopsis

Our ultimate goal is to develop a 4 season x 12 episode each, starting with the pilot. Each episode will focus on organizations that give back to the military, veteran community.

The show will follow the host Niurka  interviewing and speaking to veterans, soldiers and their families about their experience of the US Military service and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome). We will be highlighting organizations that give back to the military that helps them heal in body, mind, and spirit with a main focus on the problems of alternatives treatment for PTSD and their solutions.  

This show will be a great resource for military - veteran families often dealing with PTSD, suicidal tendencies, financial hardships and that often struggle to reconnect into society. 

Let’s do this! One Family. One Mission.

Confidential Military Crisis Line:

1 (800) 273-8255 (Option 1) or Text 838255

TAPS National Military Survivor Helpline:

800-959-TAPS (8277)

When you support this campaign you are also telling to our troops and veterans that you are thinking about them and that you care. If you Back this campaign, you are not just backing a veteran and her dream to help our fellow veterans, you are a part of lifting the spirits of every troop that watch this show in the future! 

Reaching this $25,000 goal will jump-start my traveling, and speaking with families, filming Veterans and the organizations that help them all over the country.  I want to spread my story and my fellow Veterans' stories in every State. Depending on where I go, each trip will be from $1,000 to $2,000, so reaching my $25,000 goal can take me and my small film crew to about 16 places. The more we raise, the more Veterans we can reach and save.

Every donation means something!  Whether you donate $5 or $5,000, you will be getting something in return.  We want to give you a gift for your support the best way we can! If we don't reach the goal, the funds that we do make will go towards as many speaking trips and reaching as many Veterans as possible. Whatever we make will go towards spreading the message.

The Impact

With your support and our show broadcasted nation wide, and across the world, families will understand what is going on in the mind of their Soldier, which will in turn equip them with the understanding they need to effectively support their loved ones. And, our Veterans and Soldiers will learn that they are not alone in their mind, and the nation will prove to them that we do stand behind them!

What We Need 

Independent filmmaking requires creativity, hard work, perseverance, and no small amount of generosity. Hope 4 Vets Films & Media Production is hoping to raise at least $25,000 (including fundthefirst fees) for the post production and to market the episodes production and other film project. With this money, we will be to secure the post production team to help aid in the creation of this television pilot.  Production is already underway, we have filmed and produced 4 episodes and working on producing 46 more episodes to air in late 2021, early 2022, and these funds will help pay for a secure (and ideal) location to film, allow PAF to engage, feed,   and keep all on-set personnel safe with strict Covid protocols and personal protective equipment. It will also help us cover our started up expenses, legal fees, studio rental as needed, licensing, filming equipment, certification, and permits required to scale our company.

Our show was created with the mission to help our military family viewers get to know the resources that are available to them by spotlighting organizations that focus on helping with a HEART and a HAND our military families. We do that through on person interviews that will be available FREE to watch this summer in over 213 countries, 322M Households,  streaming in Legrity TV Network , Google TV +, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and so much more.

We already recorded 4 episodes of the required 50 episodes that we are in the process of editing to launch the show in Legrity TV Network.

Episode 1 & 2 Season 1 Fishing with American Finest (filmed in the Everglades)

Episode 3 & 4 Season 1 Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment (filmed in Peru)

Episode 5 Veterans Grow America (filmed in Virginia)

Cultural/Advisory Board

This project is collaborative and community centered. We strive to make sure the communities depicted are respectfully represented.  We will be asking you, our funders, as well as community members to participate in the process as the pilot comes to life. We are are not only open to feedback from the community.  This project is centered around community feedback and participation.  Look for updates from us on the various ways you can be involved.

You Can and Will Make a Difference

No donation is too small! Wonder how your $15 could possibly help? 

Here is a breakdown of what your contribution could cover:

  • $15 - covers one day's worth of on-set coffee (very important)
  • $25 - supplies 1 box of KN95 masks
  • $50 - funds a day of filming with one of our guest speakers that will help us highlight veteran focus organizations
  • $75 - pays for the official Plot Device prop button
  • $100 - allows us to house a crew/cast member for one night
  • Rent space and cover production related expenses
  • Compensate production team and cast members (many of whom have already volunteered many hours to this project!)
  • Hire an editor for post-production to do the editing
  • Fill the 37% gap of Post Production
  • The monthly / yearly overhead expenses to produce and stream the show
  • The marketing of each episodes

What Do You Get in Return?

  • Experience AMOR umbrella Swag with exclusive gear
  • Capture the memorable moments with AMOR umbrella watch collections 
  • Dress for success with Classy Goodman Cufflinks and more
  • Shop with style Large and Deluxe Tote bags 
  • Digital download of the completed film
  • Drinks with the creators! Pick our brains
  • Video "thank you" messages from the cast and crew
  • VIP tickets and experience our red carpet premieres 
  • Classic Limited Edition pocket watches
  • Producer credit - tell all your friends how you "went Hollywood”

If you'd be interested in a more permanent role in supporting AMOR umbrella TV, such as a show sponsor, I would love to discuss the opportunity with you. 

We also bringing awareness of our services by securing a booth with the AAFES event in July and would need to purchase promotional products in advance. We'd also like to have some merchandise, such as coffee mugs, pens, and magnetic business cards. We'd also like to purchase stickers that can go on the purchased bags. 

Appear in the Special Thanks $150

story that inspired the basis of the whole show.

Included Items:

An IMDB credit in one episode ($500.00 Value)

Autographed A visit of the Everglades Short story ($29.00 Value)

An autographed AMOR umbrella ($47.97 Value)

AMOR umbrella green - T-shirt ($26.00 Value)

Estimated Shipping

December 2021

Ships worldwide.

Your Love is Our Love ! $10

Everyone deserved to love and be loved. 

A little bit of love goes a long long way and we appreciate you being a part of on making this project happen! For that, we thank you with: - Facebook, IG, & Twitter Shout Outs from creator Niurka Castaneda and the rest of our AMOR umbrella team

Estimated Shipping

December 2021

Ships worldwide.

Everyone Has a Story to Tell

$15 USD $20 USD (25% OFF)

In addition to the Social Media Love, with AMOR umbrella pen you can begin writing your story.

Included Items

Tell your Story

Estimated Shipping

December 2021

Your Business is Our Business

Everyone business deserved to love and be loved. A little bit of love goes a long long way and we appreciate you being a part of on making this project happen! For that, we thank you with: - Facebook, IG, & Twitter Shout Outs from our creative team along with the Official AMOR umbrella TV's social media sites.

Included Items

  • Business Shoutout

Estimated Shipping

December 2021

Risks & Challenges

We recognize that funding a television series poses a variety of challenges. Grassroots isn't a typical way to fund a television series, but we are inspired  by the way underrepresented and marginalized communities have used the internet to challenge this lack of representation and add their own voices to a growing body of diverse projects. We are confident that a community funded project will be better able to retain it's Authenticity Through Humanity.

The community as a whole benefits from authentic depictions of underrepresented communities. Our project engages this by seeking to challenge stereotypes and power dynamics we can all relate to. 

11 x 17 Poster

$35 USD  

Hang this on your wall, in your office, anywhere in addition to the previous items you'll also get rewarded and 11x17 official AMOR umbrella TV poster

Included Items

  • Your Love is Our Love !
  • Pen

Estimated Shipping

December 2021

Ships to United States of America

  • T-Shirts - We will be sending a separate email with instructions to submit size. These will be ordered soon and should arrive to our current donors by end of May. 
  • Military Coins - We are currently sourcing a Veteran/Military Spouse owned business to produce these and hope to include these with the T-Shirts (for those that have this item included within your tier).
    Coffee Mugs - We are currently sourcing a Veteran/Military Spouse owned business to produce these and hope to include these with the T-Shirts (for those that have this item included within your tier).
    AMOR umbrellas - We are including these with the T-Shirts (for those that have this item included within your tier).

    As a thank you, one lucky winner that donated to one of our fundraising tiers will find a Golden Ticket in one swags bags. That Golden ticket will get you a prize box filled with AMOR umbrella Swag and a bunch of other goodies from fellow Veteran Owned Businesses that we have teamed up with proudly sponsored by Combat Boxes, who is helping to put this prize box together.

Remember to support our communities by shopping small and supporting local veteran owned businesses!

About your host: I am Niurka Castaneda, an ARMY veteran that saw the need

Serving in the military is one of the best ways to serve your country. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Hope 4 Vets Films & Media Production understands that some people won’t be able to contribute financially, but that doesn't mean they can't help. While we are grateful for every cent raised, there are absolutely other ways to support this project. You can still help by getting the word out!

Financial support will help us complete this film, but there are many other ways you can contribute to ‘Recovering Hope 1 Story at a Time' and the wider movement, such as:

  • Share this page with your family and friends
  • Subscribe and follow us on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter
  • Engage in meaningful conversations around the topic of this film

More Info

For more information on Plot Device, including a full list of our cast and creative team, please visit:

Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for all our updates and shoutouts.

Instagram: @amorumbrella




Share our campaign video, story, and mission!

Thank you.

Niurka Castaneda

Business Documents



May 30th, 2021

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to stay in the loop. We are working on a special surprise for those who donate and picked one of out tiers. We will be posting it on our social media accounts once all the details are in order. 

Please share anything you see fit on our social with your follows to help us hit our target. Let’s “Restore Hope to our military families together”. Please us #AMORumbrella when posting. 


The AMOR umbrella Team

May 30th, 2021

We have three booths scheduled this year at the AAFES events:

Ft. Bragg AAFES - July 17th

Joint Base Charleston AAFES - August 28th

Luke AFB AAFES - November 13th

We look forward to seeing everyone there! 

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