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First Responders
Created July 30th, 2022

On July 28, 2022 while serving on duty for the Fairburn Police Department in Georgia, Sgt. Jean Harold-Astree tragically lost his life in a car accident. He leaves behind his wife Kerry Ann and their children. Kerry Ann is a stay at home Mom, we all know what kind of challenges she faces now that the Primary source of income in their home has been suddenly lost. Kerry Ann is a beloved member of the Leo Spouse Community. She is one of our Leaders and a advocate for families. We ask that you give whatever you can to help Kerry Ann meet whatever challenges are ahead. 

Thank you in advance. 

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Anonymous donated $50

My condolences 🙏

1 year ago
Anonymous donated $20
1 year ago
PAul mAxwell
PAul mAxwell donated $40

TREE was a friend, colleague, and well respected beloved crew mate in the 69th/514th Aeromedical Squadron. He was universally known to be an exceptional performer, tireless, energetic, always cheerful and engaging. It was a privilege to have served with him, and he shall be well remembered.

1 year ago
Candace Rhea
Candace Rhea donated $100

We got your six! God bless your beautiful family and praying for peace.

1 year ago
Jennifer Eagan
Jennifer Eagan donated $25
1 year ago
Brandi Swope
Brandi Swope donated $30

I cannot imagine. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for uniting us up until this point. May your family find peace. We will be here for you.

1 year ago
Sarah Bryce
Sarah Bryce donated $100

So incredibly sorry for y’all’s loss Kerry-Ann. We love you. Sending love from BCSO in Albuquerque, NM.

1 year ago
Gail Santamaria
Gail Santamaria donated $25

Praying Gods comfort surrounds you and the kids.

1 year ago
Brittany Wright
Brittany Wright donated $50
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $25
1 year ago

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