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Created August 31st, 2020
Those who knew Brian knew his kindness, strength & good will. My family & I have been blessed to hear endless stories of how he helped others, adding to those heroic actions we witnessed throughout his life. We want to continue Brian's legacy, & ensure his name will always be synonymous with kindness, protection, support & encouragement.  

And so we have started Team Mulkeen, to give back to the community who has shown such remarkable kindness & generosity to our family in our time of need. 

With the donations from our first Miles For Mulkeen event, Team Mulkeen was able to aid a multitude of first responders during the COVID crisis with grocery bills, medical/treatment programs, & child care.  With your support again this year, we can continue to grow & accomplish great things for our first responders & their families. We see that many are still struggling mentally and financially from the shutdown, & in addition to the charitable avenues we chose last year, we have partnered with local contractors to help with much needed home repairs & renovations! 

Thank you so much for visiting this page & choosing to help Team Mulkeen make a difference in Brian's honor. We are so grateful for the support being shown, & will do all we can to pay it forward.

With our most sincere gratitude,

The Mulkeen Family

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From The Tri-State Shields football team.

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