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Untimely Passing of Det Cole
First Responders
New York
Created December 12th, 2021

For the wife and children of Det Cole. To one of most sincere people I and many others have ever met working such a thankless and tired less job. Someone who laughed and smiled during every tour. To a believer that life must be lived to the fullest, that traveling is the key to it all, and that family is number one. Along side of his loving wife and his beloved children he knew he could move mountains. To a close friend, to a great cop, and to days of riding next to you in a car singing Pop Smoke making me laugh. To you we cry, we mourn but most of all we think and keep you in our thoughts with all the special times you've managed to move all our hearts. We love you. 

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Jim Mcintyre
Jim Mcintyre donated $100
2 years ago

Rest in Peace - Mike Russell Retired Detective 83 Squad

2 years ago
Anonymous donated $50
2 years ago
Anonymous donated $50

May God bless and rest your soul. May God bless protect and console your family as they have so unselfishly stood beside you as you protected our city.

2 years ago
Christopher Jennings
Christopher Jennings donated $100
2 years ago
John Sullivan
John Sullivan donated $100
2 years ago
Stella Ardizzone
Stella Ardizzone donated $50

Sending my heartfelt condolences and a lot of love.

2 years ago
Juan Zapata
Juan Zapata donated $40
2 years ago
Joe M
Joe M donated $100

My Condolences

2 years ago
David Chizzoniti
David Chizzoniti donated $25

RIP from the 109 pct

2 years ago

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Untimely Passing of Det Cole
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