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Fundraiser for Officer John "G13" Grzywaczewski
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New York
Created May 11th, 2022

Officer John "G-13" Grzywaczewski unexpectedly passed away on May 09, 2022.  John, also lovingly known as "Cap" and "Gryz" to his family, friends and co-workers, was an 18 yr veteran Police Officer.  He spent his first 2yrs with the New York State Police.  His next 16 yrs, until his sudden passing, was with the Village of Chester Police department, his extended family.  Anywhere you went, someone knew the Cap.  

Gryz loved being outside, whether it was tinkering in his garage, watching NASCAR outside having some twist-teas or latte's, "chillin" with all his friends, stacking wood, going ATV riding.  He loved his vinyl and would spend hours listening to his records or fixing up stereos and speakers that he would randomly find on the side of the street.

Grzy had a love of animals that was shared by the love of his life, his wife Amanda.  This was evident by the mini "farm" some would say he has at the house between the chickens, goats, cat and beloved dogs that he had.

The purpose of this fundraiser set up by the Village of Chester PBA is to ease the financial burden for his wonderful wife Amanda.  Gryz would give the shirt off his back to help anyone with anything they needed.  Lets return the favor and show Amanda exactly how much the "Cap" meant to every single person that had the pleasure to know or interact with him by making a donation to this fund.  ALL proceeds will go to John's wife, Amanda. 

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Anonymous donated $524

We know you are above keeping watch over all of us. The only Captain ever in the department. Love and miss you terribly Cap.

2 years ago
John & Andrea Tone
John & Andrea Tone donated $250

Grzy had a personality that could light up a room. His light will continue to shine because of the impact he left in this world. His smile & laughter will always be remembered. We will truly miss him. Amanda, you have our love, support & prayers.

2 years ago
Thomas McGuigan
Thomas McGuigan donated $200

Our deepest condolences for your loss.

2 years ago
Anonymous donated $20
2 years ago
Ray Grzywaczewski
Ray Grzywaczewski donated $200

So sorry for your loss. Gone too soon. Love Uncle Ray.

2 years ago
Anonymous donated $75
2 years ago
Susan Armistead
Susan Armistead donated $75
2 years ago
Charles and Dawn Bono
Charles and Dawn Bono donated $100

Our condolences to John’s family. He was a good man and will be missed dearly.

2 years ago
M Cirig
M Cirig donated $50
2 years ago
Mary Myers
Mary Myers donated $75

💙💙💙 Sincere condolences to the Officer John’s wife and family. And thank you for your service 💙🙏🏻💙

2 years ago

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Fundraiser for Officer John "G13" Grzywaczewski
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