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First Responders
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First Responders
New York
Created May 12th, 2021

On Saturday May 8th 2021, 4 year old Skye Martinez and her family were in Times Square. They were standing in line for the toy store when Skye was tragically shot in the leg by a stray bullet. Police Officer Scparta and I quickly applied a tourniquet and rushed her to the hospital, saving her life. Skye has had surgery and is in stable condition. We are looking to raise money for Skye and her family to help support them during these hard times.

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Marilyn Crespo
Marilyn Crespo donated $25
3 years ago
Patricia Tracy-Stanton
Patricia Tracy-Stanton donated $50

So so proud of Alyssa and her partner! Proud to call her family!

3 years ago
Patricio Zevallos
Patricio Zevallos donated $50
3 years ago
Sandra Olney
Sandra Olney donated $25
3 years ago
Omar Camelo
Omar Camelo donated $50
3 years ago
CHASTITY Caban donated $50

God bless the family

3 years ago
Anonymous donated $40
3 years ago
Maura Vagnone
Maura Vagnone donated $25

God Bless you and your fellow officers, xoxo

3 years ago
stephanie MACKIN
stephanie MACKIN donated $50

Thank you for all that you do.

3 years ago
Mary Donato
Mary Donato Bronze: Donate at least $100 to earn this badge. donated $100

You’re awesome Alyssa a true hero. ❤️❤️

3 years ago

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