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First Responders
Purple Heart Veteran & First Responder Gives Back to LA Deputies
First Responders
Created September 15th, 2020

After watching Fund the First on Fox & Friends this morning, I realized that the campaign for the LA Deputies was completed and I wanted to continue to support them.

Growing up in Los Angeles it saddens me to have learned about the two County Sheriff's Deputies that were severely wounded in an apparent ambush while sitting in their patrol vehicle.

I am currently serving as a first responder and am a Marine Corps Veteran, and Purple Heart recipient. NOW, more than ever it is imperative for the community and America as a whole to support these two brave officers and their families.

All funds raised will be given directly to the families affected VIA the appropriate channels. 

Thank you in advance for showing your support and helping me help these officers.

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Linda Ziemer
Linda Ziemer donated $50

God Bless our law enforcement personnel as they serve our country bravely and may The Lord watch over them and their families. Thank you to all of you past, present and future.

3 years ago
Justin Roberts
Justin Roberts donated $50
3 years ago
Anonymous donated $50

God bless and praying for speedy recovery!!! From, A & M Cueto

3 years ago
Anonymous donated $20
3 years ago
Anonymous Bronze: Donate at least $100 to earn this badge. donated $20

Praying for these brave deputies

3 years ago
M E donated $50
3 years ago
Carmina Reyes
Carmina Reyes donated $50
3 years ago
Richard Ring
Richard Ring donated $30

We are praying for a full recovery In Jesus name God bless The Ring family

3 years ago
Rick Darnall
Rick Darnall donated $50
3 years ago
Corey Piser
Corey Piser donated $40
3 years ago
Purple Heart Veteran & First Responder Gives Back to LA Deputies
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