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September 16th, 2020

Shop With A Cop 2020

Hello everyone, my name is Shelby and I'm a Deputy in a small county in Florida. I love my job and have a soft spot of helping those in need, especially children! With that being said let's jump right in. I'm starting a fundraiser to help raise money to give to kids who are less fortunate than others. I want to make sure they wake up Christmas morning with a smile on their little faces. BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! 

Shop with a Cop has been an amazing fundraiser for kids for several years now. Law Enforcement agencies all over raise money every year to be able to give kids in need a Christmas. Basically, the children with good grades, and or those who strive to do their best in school, but don't have the support from home. It could be a child(ren) who have a single parent doing their best trying to make ends meet and just cant afford Christmas. For this fundraiser we will let the teachers choose the kids who they think need it most. The teachers are the ones who see them every day and have a special bond with them and really get to know the kids.

Once we have raised the funds we, Law Enforcement will meet those children at Walmart and let them pick out a few things they want. Whatever makes their little hearts happy (age appropriate of course). 

I have had the blessing with helping our neighboring county each year for the past 5 years with this event. I have decided to raise the money for my own county and to help the kids in my community this year. This is a special time we as Law Enforcement get to spend time with these awesome kids and build a better report with them. The best part about it all is the smile on those kiddos faces! To know they will be waking up with presents under the tree. The hugs and love I have received from my previous times is unforgettable. 

If you feel lead to donate to this cause to help put a smile on a sweet child's face, please do. If it is only 5 dollars, any and every donation will be greatly appreciated.  

Contributions & Comments

Mary Ann Williams
Mary Ann Williams contributed $25
1 day ago
Clariece Ellis
Clariece Ellis contributed $100

I want to see Shelby help make a child happy. I am happy you have this for the children .

2 days ago
Gene McDaniel
Gene McDaniel contributed $25
3 days ago
Lyn Williams
Lyn Williams contributed $50
3 days ago
Scott Word
Scott Word contributed $100

Donations Secur-Tel Security Systems Inc. Lake Butler

3 days ago
Nick and Lisa Johnson
Nick and Lisa Johnson contributed $50

Great job Shelby!

3 days ago
Anonymous contributed $25
3 days ago
Tina Edmondson
Tina Edmondson contributed $25
4 days ago
Gary Collier
Gary Collier contributed $50

Keep up the great work IGY6

4 days ago
Jason burgess
Jason burgess contributed $100
4 days ago
$1,889 raised of $2,000 goal
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