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First Responders
Created March 16th, 2022

Project Joint Guardian has been organized by US / Mexico Firefighters United to raise money to help get much needed rescue equipment and medical supplies over to the Firefighters of Ukraine. Project Joint Guardian has been actively obtaining much needed rescue equipment for USAR Operations for Ukraine’s Firefighters. 

Part of the Mission of Project Joint Guardian it to have 10 American Firefighters fly with the gear all the way to Warsaw Poland and personally escort the gear into Ukraine and deliver to the area’s its needed. A portion of the funds will be used to purchase the required ballistic gear to protect our firefighter who will be risking their lives to make the deliverer.

While there, the 10 American Firefighters will assist the Ukraine Firefighters with quick training on the rescue gear and proper use of it. Our Firefighters will be in country for 14 days and will work closely with Ukraine Firefighters to assist in Search & Rescue Operations, care and aid of the injured and wounded and firefighting in needed.

This mission is a mission of firefighter, by firefighters to assist our brother firefighters in Ukraine during this tough time they are facing to protect their communities.

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Thank you for all your help to make this mission happed so we could assist the Firefighters in Ukraine.


Eric S. Hille

US/Mexico Firefighters United

[email protected]


May 20th, 2022
Eric Hille, Organizer

Thank you for all the continuous donations we have received. Our team returned home from their mission at the end of April. However, there is a constant need to help the Firefighters in Ukraine. Our first mission was very successful and we were able to help the firefighters in Ukraine on numerous levels and deliver all the donated supplies. Currently first responders and fire stations are being targeted and destroyed. Due to the relationships we created from our first mission; we are receiving several messages requesting different kinds of supplies and additional assistance. We are planning to send a second mission in July. Hopes are to be able to raise enough funds to send continuous teams as long as there is a need for assistance out in Ukraine. As these trying times continue, we hope to continue to receive the generous donations and funds so we can continue to help and fulfill the needs of the firefighters in Ukraine.

We appreciate all the assistance we can get. Thank you again for your generosity. 

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US Patriot LLC
US Patriot LLC donated $5,000 Top 3 Donor

Like so many others, U.S. Patriot stands in awe of your initiative to assist Firefighters and Search & Rescue Operations in Ukraine. Your unwavering commitment to service and sacrifice is truly inspiring. Please accept this contribution from U.S. Patriot as our commitment to stand beside your courage and cause in these uncertain times. We’d also like to bolster the gear selection your crew will be taking to Ukraine, and will be reaching out shortly to coordinate the logistics. We hope the actions of Project Joint Guardian are successful and serve as a beacon of hope and humanity across the globe. You have U.S. Patriot’s support and respect. Safe Travels. Keep the Faith and Step Out.

1 year ago
Alina DiDonato
Alina DiDonato donated $1,500 Top 3 Donor

Extraordinary effort. May gd bless all of you. Be safe.

1 year ago
Brian Bonar
Brian Bonar donated $1,500 Top 3 Donor
1 year ago
Patrick Walsh
Patrick Walsh donated $100
9 months ago
Katie Bridges
Katie Bridges donated $890
11 months ago
Deane Plaister
Deane Plaister donated $50
1 year ago
Bob Moore
Bob Moore donated $100
1 year ago
Cory Bantilan
Cory Bantilan donated $100
1 year ago
Lillian A Paynter
Lillian A Paynter donated $20
1 year ago
Anonymous donated $5
1 year ago
Family & Community Education Douglas County Extension
Family & Community Education Douglas County Extension donated $430

The Douglas County Kansas Extension Unit of Family & Community Education have chosen this effort for our annual contribution to program of choice. Thank you for all that you do and our prayers of safety and peace go with you Margaret Barnes Treasurer, Vinland FCE

1 year ago
Ann Danneberg
Ann Danneberg donated $250
1 year ago
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