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Sander Cohen Scholarship Foundation, Inc

The Foundation was created to honor and remember the life and sacrifice of our Son, friend, Brother and colleague-Captain/Deputy Chief, Sander B. Cohen-who died in the line of duty December 8, 2017. The educational scholarship exists to provide finan...

Help with medical costs
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First Responders

I have an eye condition where the Focusing muscles in my eyes aren’t working properly. Not only do I have visual problems I’m in extreme pain. There is no doctors in my area that treat this. My husband found a facility in Chicago that can help me. Th...

Help End Veteran & 1st Responder Suicides

Did you know Suicide is the leading cause of death for first responders and the heart attacks often suffered are unique to those who suffer from PTSD?  Our nation loses more first responders to suicide than all in the line of duty deaths combined.  M...

Relief/Recovery from House Fire

Hi, I am Firefighter Terron Harris, I am making this because of a tragic accident that changed my family's lives. We had a very unfortunate house fire resulting in our home being destroyed. No one was seriously injured, only a minor burn to report. W...

Really in a bind and need some help

I lost my job due to medical reasons in October, and got behind on both my car payments. In mid January, I was able to secure work again, and I’ve been working ever since making payments towards my vehicles and small additional payments well catching...

Help build the first golf-based mindfulness skills program for active and retired law enforcement officers.

Police officers routinely witness situations of child abuse, vehicle crashes, serious injury or death of co-workers, gruesome assaults and homicides, uses of deadly force, and near-death experiences. A 2015 study found that on average, law enforcemen...

Help me
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Lost my mother who was working for half of my life lost everything went into a depression 

Sarah's cancer fund
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All Others

I am a 40 year old mother of 7 children and was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. I have missed a lot of work due to doctors, appointments test, ect. I will be finding out when we are going to start the treatments which consist of 6 1/2...

Help with hearing aids/expenses so I can return to the workforce

On June 6th my hearing went out. I was diagnosed with a sudden hearing loss. My job was not able to accommodate me and let me go. I am in need of help getting hearing aids, and paying living expenses until I am able to find another job that will work...

Senior daycare
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Medical Providers

The senior daycare is for elderly people who need a place to come, meet other seniors play games, watch movies, and do activities with each others. Also if family members are taking care of their love ones and they have to work their love one can com...

Sleeper Tailer Funds

Howdy everyone.  A little bit about me. I’m Frank I’m a Disabled Marine Corps Veteran and Entrepreneur.  On July 17th 2023 I left California after packing everything in a 10 x 10 storage unit. I’m now on a nomad mission to find my self, the things I...


We are teaming up with Second Chance Rehabilitation Ranch to host a weekend retreat in the beautiful Pocono Mountains tailored exclusively for law enforcement couples. We're on a mission to support and strengthen the bonds of law enforcement couples....

Please Support Smyth County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Scott Prater with His Battle with Cancer
Lift chair
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Good day  I'm in need of lift chair.  I don't have funds to buy one and insurance is not paying due to it being considered furniture.  It is a medical equipment necessary for me as I need assistance to stand. I would appreciate your help.

Veteran in need
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USMC veteran and father of 3 wonderful children. I have a herniated disc in my L-5, S-1 which is pressing on my sciatic nerve root. The pain has taken me out of work currently and I’m awaiting treatment through the veterans affairs. I’m not as bad of...