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In Memory of My Son, My Hero- David Perez

David’s laugh, smile, and goofiness were contagious to everyone he encountered. He served in the United States Army from 2003 - 2013 during which he did a tour in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In returning home he became an advocate in supporting veterans to help change legislation to provide veterans with more resources. He also went on to receive his Associates Degree in Political Science. He was a huge community supporter wherever he was and did anything he could to help in whatever way possible. My beloved  son lost the long time battle with his demons while in Florida on August 29, 2020 and I am left with saying goodbye to another son. The financial hardship of getting his body back home along with being able to cover unexpected expenses during this time has put a strain our family.  We have already received an outpouring of support for our family and for that I am grateful. Anything you can contribute  will be appreciated.  David is survived by his grandmother, Ruth Primett; mother and step father, Laura Goodpaster and Sean Kelly; sister, Michelle Ahrarian; nieces and nephews; Evan Keller, Miguel Perez, Madelina Ahrarian, Mia Ahrarian, Maddox Ramirez; along with many aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family. David is preceded in death by his brother, Joe Perez. Inurnment will take place at a later date in Quantico National Cemetery.

Giving Back - 9/11 Families' Association

I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Fund the First as an advisor to advance their leading crowdfunding platform that provides direct support for our military and first responders! For my first mission with Fund the First, we will be supporting The September 11th Families’ Association, which advocates for victims of terrorism through communication, representation and peer support. This week, as we honor the lives lost to terrorism nineteen years ago at the World Trade Center, we are reminded that these heroes and families continue to need our support. This campaign will raise money for the Association so that they can continue their mission and support those who have been tragically affected.  Our goal is to raise $2,500. Can we count on your support?

Bellmore Fire Commissioner Robert Taylor - Suffering From Terminal Degenerative Brain Disease

Earlier this year, Bellmore Fire Commissioner Robert "Bob" Taylor was diagnosed with a rare condition called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.  CJD is a terminal, degenerative brain disease with no cure and affects less than 1,000 people per year. Bob joined the Bellmore Fire Department as a junior firefighter at the age of 14 and has spent the past 35 years as a member of the Fire Department.  He is a two time Ex-Chief and is currently the Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners.  After 35 years of serving the Bellmore community, his family needs your support in return. Our goal is to raise money to offset his mounting medical bills and to provide scholarships for his two youngest sons, ages 8 and 9, in Bob's eventual absence. Thank you for helping support our friend and his amazing family during this difficult time.

Shelby and Trae Kohn Educational Fund

Many friends and family have asked what they could do to help since Arthur's passing was so unexpected.   As a police officer, Arthur believed in education so we have created this educational fund for his children.  Shelby is 21 and Trae is 17 years of age.  Thank you all for helping.Born: June 24, 1956 - End of watch July 8, 2020 The oldest of 3, Arthur was born to Leona and Arthur Kohn Sr. in Galveston Texas on June 24, 1956. His watch ended July 8, 2020 at his home in Nokesville, Virginia at age 64. Shortly after he was born, the family moved to the mainland where Arthur Jr., Tim, and Mark were raised by their loving parents in Santa Fe, Texas. Arthur grew up fishing and crabbing in the Gulf of Mexico and hunting in Oklahoma with his grandfather and Uncle Johnny. Upon graduation from Santa Fe High School, he moved to College Station to attend Texas A & M where he majored in business. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree, he pursued his true calling and began his service to the public. Arthur began his career as a State Trooper for the Texas Department of Public Safety in May 1979. He was promoted to Sargant, joined the Narcotics Division, and continued to protect the public as an undercover narcotics officer where he was involved in numerous large and successful prosecutions. While employed for Texas DPS he met the love of his life Mara. He served Texas until 1995. Arthur and Mara were married on July 17, 1993. Shortly after they were married, they moved to Pierre, South Dakota. While living in South Dakota, Arthur continued to be an avid outdoorsmen, horseman, and public servant. In 1999, he and Mara had their first child, Shelby. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Arthur retired from the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation after many years of dedicated service and many projects including implementing the statewide 911 system. In 2000, Arthur, Mara, and Shelby moved to Hermosa, South Dakota and Arthur became employed with Riddles Jewelry as the head of their security department. Hermosa is where he and Mara built their dream horse ranch in the beautiful Black Hills. Arthur built the fences, cleared the trees, and eventually built the horse barn. In 2003, Arthur and Mara had their second child, Arthur Olaf Kohn, III “Trae”. The family resided on the ranch until August 2010 when they moved to Virginia. In May 2012, the family settled in Nokesville where Arthur again fixed fences, built the arena, and lovingly maintained their horse farm for his family to be able to pursue their shared love of horses. Arthur loved his family, his animals, hunting, fishing, gardening, cooking, and hosting friends and family. He shared his love of the outdoors, wood working, and animals with his kids. Arthur displayed values such as respect, hard work, bravery, strength, and determination in everything he did. This was especially shown when working with his horses, dogs, or cats. Arthur made sure his wife and kids were cared for and loved. He avidly supported his kids in all their activities whether it was as assistant soccer coach, volunteer firearms instructor for 4-H, or as a “Horse show Dad.” He spent many hours traveling the Atlantic coast to support his kids at soccer games, shooting matches, 4-H events, or horse shows. Arthur is survived by his beloved wife of 27 years Mara, daughter Shelby, son Trae, his parents Arthur Sr. and Leona, brothers Mark and Tim, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, and many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins

I Broke My Neck During An On Duty Shooting - Please Help!

Based on a tip from a confidential informant, myself and other officers were serving a warrant on a violent felon, previously convicted of murder and wanted for the attempted murder of his girlfriend just a few days earlier. My partners entered the residence and observed the suspect enter a back bedroom down a hallway. They immediately began giving commands for the suspect to show his hands and surrender. The suspect retreated into the bedroom and shut the bedroom door. They kicked the bedroom door open and were immediately greeted by gunfire. one of my partners was struck in the chest, fell backwards and took cover and returned fire. Although shot in the chest, he ensured the female inside the room was able to exit unharmed. Once he ensured the safety of the female, he entered the room to subdue the suspect.  Luckily, he survived and is doing well thanks to his vest. I was running towards the entry to the residence to provide assistance.  Suddenly, I lost my footing and struck a vehicle with the side of my head and broke my neck.  While in and out of consciousness I was still able to help the female leave the residence, unharmed. Please help support me due to this tragic event.  Thank you and stay safe.

Team Mulkeen
Service Shield
Law Enforcement

Those who knew Brian knew his kindness, strength & good will. We have been blessed to hear endless stories of how he helped others, adding to those actions we witnessed throughout his life. We want to continue Brian's legacy, & ensure his name will always be synonymous with strength, protection, support & encouragement.   And so Team Mulkeen was created, to give back to the first responder community, and, in doing so, promote physical & mental wellness through fitness events. With the donations from our Miles For Mulkeen event, Team Mulkeen has already been able to aid multiple first responders with grocery bills, medical/treatment programs, & child care. We have also helped to find veterans employment & in-home nursing care. With your support, we can continue to do great things for our first responders & their families. Thank you so much for visiting this page & choosing to help Team Mulkeen make a difference in Brian's honor. We are so grateful for the support being shown, & will do all we can to pay it forward!

Rest in Peace - NYPD Police Officer Mike Geraldi

With permission of Mike's wife, Lisa, this campaign is being held to raise money for the medical and family expenses that Mike's family is currently going through.  All money raised will be given directly to the Geraldi Family. Mike Geraldi is known by everyone as Mikey G. He has a “larger than life” type of personality that can instantly make you laugh with one of his million silly antics. He is a son, brother, husband, and father of two young children.  He is adored by his friends and is the life of the party.  Married to his best friend, Lisa, there is never a dull moment in the Geraldi house. He is the type of dad that other kids wish they had. He always makes time for them and makes them his priority. Taking family trips or going out to eat, you could always count on everyone having a great time because Mikey makes sure of it.      With 17 years on the job as an NYPD Police Officer assigned to PSA 4 in Manhattan, Mikey never lost his love to protect and serve.  While his family always came first, his job was a close second. But, he also has a huge love of cars and is the president of one of the largest mustang car clubs on Long Island. “Strong Island Stangs” was founded by Mikey and has over 2,000 members. He truly loves using his platform to get the thousands of other car enthusiasts together for his many car shows. He’s worked so hard over the years to sponsor charities and coordinate events to help put smiles on everyone else’s face. He never hesitates to jump into action to show support for anyone in their time of need. He always makes sure to do the right thing by everyone.      You can always count on Mikey to make you laugh. Whether it is one of his famous weather reports or his stellar dancing skills, all you need to do is look for Mikey in a room and his instant smile is always there.  Please share and support the Geraldi Family during their time of need.

Adoption finalization
Service Shield

We are the Glasgow’s! We adopted twin boys at birth and are now fighting for custody. I am a firefighter EMT in our city and have been for 5 years. The struggle of the ups and downs of adoption have been very emotional. We are going to fight for them until the end and not give up! We are financially drained and are humbly asking for donations to continue the fight for our family. Our boys are our everything and we can’t imagine life without them. Financially we have exhausted every resource and avenue we have and your help would be tremendously  appreciated! 

Veteran in need of PTSD Service Dog

This campaign is for an Army Veteran who suffers from PTSD. He is not ready to come forward and talk about it with the general public. He reached out to me and expressed the need for a PTSD service dog. He currently suffers from social and crowd anxiety along with other medical issues.  This PTSD service dog will be trained to help him cope with his anxiety and other medical issues.  The funds of this campaign will be used for acquiring the dog and the countless hours of training that he will need before and after he is placed with his veteran. Our program is different in that our veterans train their dogs along with us.  Our training facility is located in Naugatuck CT. Here the veteran and his service dog will be able to learn the skills need to work and continue training with his service dog. 

Hurricane Laura Relief Fund - Lake Charles Police Department

The aftermath of Hurricane Laura has destroyed the homes of multiple officers, countless law enforcement, and families throughout the state.  This tragic incident has drastically changed the lives of these first responders and civilian families alike.  The National Guard is set up at the Civic Center and should have MRE's, Ice, and tarps. There are more than 400,000 without power and it will take a while to rebuild and get back to normal.  We need to get them the help they deserve. On behalf of all law enforcement officers, family, friends, and first responders alike, The Lake Charles Police Officers Association 830 has prepared this campaign to raise funds to help all those affected by Hurricane Laura. Please share, contribute, and stay safe.  Thank you all.

NYPD Detective Reedy’s Squad

Detective Reedy’s Squad is back for another great year to raise money for The Tunnel To Towers Foundation!  We had such a successful team last year, and we look forward to doing it again this year! Due to COVID-19, our run will not be the traditional run through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Instead we will be having our own virtual 5k event!  As many know our Dad was a retired NYPD Detective and served the City of New York for over 40 years.  He  also  served  in  the  United  States  Army,  and  was  a   Senior Drum Sgt. in  the  NYPD  Emerald  Society  Pipes  and  Drums  Band  for  almost  30  years.   Our family loves everything about the Tunnel To Towers Foundation, and we are creating this team in his memory.  This  is  an  amazing  foundation  that  helps  9/11  families and first responders from all around the nation.  All the funds raised will go directly to the Tunnel To Towers foundation.  Thank you so much for your donation! -The Reedy Family 

New Less Lethal Weapon System

Hayes Less Lethal is a company founded by a retired New York police detective. The product is a handheld Less Lethal weapon that fires a proprietary synthetic rubber projectile. The difference for law enforcement is the use of a handgun to fire a less-lethal projectile rather than a shotgun (long gun). The difference for any shooter is that the Hayes .490 caliber less lethal firearm has four rifled barrels. The rifling of the barrel provides for greater accuracy of the projectile by imparting the necessary gyroscopic spin to stabilize the flight of the less-lethal projectile to the target. Shotguns are generally "smooth bore" weapons. This means the barrel is not rifled and any projectile fired from a smoothbore gun does not impart a gyroscopic spin. The Hayes .490 Less Lethal weapon gives the shooter a safe 35 to 40 foot "standoff distance from the target. Other less-lethal products, such as electric stun devices have a very short 15-foot maximum effective range (or standoff distance). The weight of the Hayes .490 caliber projectile is 9 grams and moves at about 425 feet per second down range imparting a whopping 75 joules of kinetic energy to the target. The idea for this less-lethal weapon project began the year I retired. That was two years after I was involved in a bank robbery arrest, high-speed chase, and a resulting gunfight with the suspects. Utilized correctly, Less Lethal weapons save lives! The National Institute of Justice sponsored a study, and in October 2004 the findings of the study were published regarding impact munitions used for less lethal. The study concluded that "Impact munitions can help law enforcement officers effectively resolve potentially violent encounters in which deadly force might otherwise be used."   The weapon is classified as a firearm by the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. The gun may be purchased by anyone eligible to purchase a firearm. The manufacturers suggested retail price of the weapon: $650, with laser site included. Any donator who commits a $500 pledge to this campaign will receive a certificate to purchase the first series Hayes .490 weapon for $100. Certificates will be issued for each $500 donation. For example, if a donation of $1000 is made, two (2) certificates will be issued, $3000 donation will get (6) certificates, etc. Any first responder that donates $500 will receive a certificate for a "paid-in-full" first series weapon. The process for certificate issuance will be as follows: Contact the campaign directly with proof of your $500 donation and a certificate will be issued. For First responders, Proof of First responders status will be required in the form of an ID.Me two-step authentication process, the same authentication process that is required by the Fund the First web site.  (campaign web address: [email protected]) See the weapon and ammunition

First Responder-mental health counseling with anonymity to keep you and your  job safe

As a retired police officer, I know from experience all of the traumatic events we are a part of and witness everyday on the job.  Unfortunately, those traumatic incidents stay with us and eventually bother us more than we think.  I know we put those bad times in a box but we can only put so much in that box before it overflows.  By managing the stress and trauma we are a part of while on the job not only helps us continue to serve our communities, it doesn't put additional stress on our families.   I am currently working with a company that will help build a program/app that first responders can access via phone, iPad or computer.  You will immediately be connected to a mental health professional/family counselor that you can reach by text, phone and/or video chat.  I am aware that departments have physiologists who work for them and made available to first responders.  The issue with this is those doctors work for the departments and ultimately report to the department/chain of command who visits the physiologists and for what reason.  If those reasons are critical, you can be deemed unfit for duty.  I truly believe this is why my fellow first responders don't seek the vital treatment they need. My program allows all first responders to seek that needed treatment with anonymity.  You are being seen/treated by a third party mental health professional that has only your best interests in mind and don't answer to the departments.  After treatment is sought, I will receive an invoice stating one person from X department is seeking mental health treatment as a result of work place trauma.  You are safe to talk out issues, the treatment is only between you and the mental health professional.  Let's prevent any more first responders from taking their own life. Please help me reach the monetary goal to get this program started for every first responder in the US. Thank you, -Floyd C. Albuquerque Police Officer (Ret) US Army (Ret) Please donate at: 

Plaque for Firefighter Lt. Richard A. Petras COVID-19 Related Death

Lt. Richard A. Petras served 26 years with the Cleveland, Ohio Fire Department before passing due to COVID-19.  He was a hero and an inspiration.  He never neglected his duties and never backed down even knowing the risks that were in front of him. As a pay it forward, I am hosting this campaign to raise money for a plaque, in his name, to deliver to the department that he worked at. Rest in Peace hero.

Cannon Hinnant - Going Above & Beyond the Call of Duty

As a mother of two and an active police officer, when I see a senseless act of violence it truly hits home.  The murder of Cannon Hinnant is an absolute tragedy and I want to pay it forward by going above and beyond the call of duty. As first responders we have a close connection to our communities and I want others to see that there are so many ways to help when those are in need. All money raised for this fundraiser will be personally hand delivered to Cannon’s family. Rest in Peace Cannon 🙏🏻