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Running for Team Red, White & Blue

At the beginning of 2020 I created a goal list for the year. I called it my 30 for 30 list. 30 things I will accomplish by December 30. Running a marathon and donating to charity were on the top of the list. I heard through the grapevine that the Marine Corps Marathon in Virginia would be a good place to start for a new long distance runner. I signed up right away and got to work. I had a few friends join me in preparation for this event, namely my buddy Russell D’Agostino, who gave me the idea to utilize this event to raise money for charity. Our military and first responders make the hardest sacrifices to keep us safe and we thought what a great opportunity to show our appreciation for the work they do for our country. That's why we are choosing to raise money for Team Red, White, and Blue (Team RWB). Our veterans face many challenges after coming home from service and Team RWB does fantastic work to keep our veterans connected and restoring their sense of purpose in the community. No amount of money can repay the sacrifices made but every little bit helps in building a better future for those who have given so much for our country.

#BackTheBlue Fly Over Banner for July 25th Event at Eisenhower Park

On Saturday, July 25th, from 2-4pm, Law Enforcement Officers Weekend (a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization) is hosting a pro-law enforcement demonstration in Eisenhower Park, Long Island. Thousands of “blue” supporters are expected to be in attendance, making it the largest pro police rally in the country. Public speakers, musicians, clergy and politicians from all levels of government will be on hand, addressing the crowd and calling on the rest of the country to #BackTheBlue! This fundraising campaign is to assist the organizations in renting a plane with a “Back The Blue” banner which will fly over head during the demonstration. We have already reached our $1200 goal!!! All additional proceeds from this fundraiser will be used exclusively for the families of injured and fallen law enforcement officers for the Law Enforcement Officers Weekend yearly events. Additional information on the upcoming demonstration and the organization can be found by clicking the links below:  Demonstration Info LEO Weekend Website Facebook: @OfficersWeekend Instagram: @leo_weekend

Feed the First - Massapequa Fire Department Ladder Company 6 East End

Massapequa Fire Department has always gone above and beyond to protect the residents of Massapequa since their inception.  They were integral in rescuing multiple residents 8 years ago during superstorm Sandy, as well as keeping residents safe from the multiple live powerlines that were downed from fallen trees. Most recently, they have put themselves in harms way on the front line to help battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Their sacrifcie should not go unnoticed.  I am raising funds as a thank you to the members of the Massapequa Fire Department to show our gratidude for all of their hard work and sacrifice.  All food will be purchased from Phil's II in Massapequa Park.

Support for All First Responders

Healthy Hire Healthy Retire is a registered 501c3 This is an ongoing campaign and funds will go to first responders and their families in need as we receive them. So far we have been able to help 9 first responders get to treatment to get help. With your donations we will be able to assist so many more. They will be needing us now more than ever!x Healthy Hire Healthy Retire will provide assistance to first responders, veterans and their families in crisis. We will also be advocating for the routine monitoring of first responder's physical and mental health from the start of their career to the end of their career. The number of first responder suicides and health conditions caused as a side affect of the job continue to rise. We need to do something more. We need to do something different. We need to do something NOW! #Enoughisenough  The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:1. To provide scholarships for treatment related to alcohol, substance abuse or mental health2. To cover or contribute to travel expenses to and from treatment3. To cover expenses of miscellaneous activities or items for families of fallen first responders and veterans4. To sponsor PTSD and Trauma trainings for first responder agencies and veterans5. To host events that benefit first responder/veteran health and wellbeing 6. To help provide prevention resources for physical and mental health

#22forTAPS Veteran Suicide Awareness

There are around 22 veteran suicides every day which is 22 too many. The brave men and women that fight and defend our freedom as a nation deserve better care and support.  This is a huge problem in our country and will NOT be fixed until that number reaches ZERO. As an active duty Marine Corps spouse of 14 years, I have witnessed the effect that veteran suicide has on the surviving family members, friends and fellow brothers and sisters in arms. The families of service members sacrifice so much over the course of their loved one’s military career and are oftentimes overlooked in the wake of a veteran’s suicide; which should have never happened in the first place. To raise awareness for veteran suicide and the surviving family members, I challenge each person to participate in the #22pushupchallenge, share on social media with the hashtag #22forTAPS, and give at least $22 to contribute to our campaign goal of $2,222 !  We must work together to not only end veteran suicide but to support the surviving family members as well! Proceeds from this campaign will go directly to TAPS which provides comfort, care and resources to all those grieving the death of a military loved one. As an organization, they have supported more than 14,116 suicide loss survivors and have a dedicated team for suicide pre-postvention. Read more about TAPS here. Let’s do this! One Family. One Mission. Here’s how the 22 Push-up Challenge works: ·       Once you are nominated and accept the challenge, your 22 days starts ·       Once you accept the challenge, donate $22 to the #22forTAPS Suicide Awareness fundraising campaign ·       Every day, record yourself doing 22 push-ups- Do them any way you can. Effort is what counts-not form ·       Every day you must nominate a different person ·       And finally, have fun with this. This is a simple, interactive way to shed light on this and stop the stigma surrounding mental health while proactively removing the guilt, shame, or resistance which stands in the way of seeking care. Confidential Military Crisis Line: 1 (800) 273-8255 (Option 1) or Text 838255 TAPS National Military Survivor Helpline: 800-959-TAPS (8277) TAPS:

Service Shield

Every morning, I witness the hard work that the frontline staff at Suncoast Community Health Center put in throughout the day, while battling the Florida elements of torrential rain or scorching heat. They are continuously moving and providing health services to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. I want to put a spotlight on their hard work and dedication through #FEEDTHEFIRST, where the money raised through this campaign will provide lunch for the First Responders. 

Replenish our NY men and women in blue

If you have family/friends in NY law enforcement, this is for them! Please help replenish our brave men and women in blue throughout NYC and Long Island. We want to make deliveries to as many precincts as possible and bring our NY heroes food, snacks, and beverages. Any amount is appreciated and helpful! Please share this with your family and friends to help us spread the word. We started by making a delivery to a precinct in the NCPD and we delivered enough food, snacks, desserts, and beverages for the day and night shifts. We hope to be able to make more deliveries to thank our heroes for their dedication to protecting us! Let's show them our support and let them know how much we appreciate them! :) 

Untimely Passing of Callie Stocker, Daughter of Brynith and NYPD Sergeant Jason

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you of Callie Stocker’s passing. Callie, daughter of Brynith & Jason Stocker (Sergeant in the NYPD Narcotics Division) and twin sister of Riker Stocker, succumbed to Alexander disease, a rare neurodegenerative disease of which there are only 300 reported cases worldwide since 1941. Alexander disease is a disorder of the white matter of the brain that slowly robs someone of their ability to eat, speak and eventually, breathe. Please help us in raising funds for the overwhelming medical costs that we have incurred.

COVID-19 related death - NYPD Detective Robert Cardona

Robert Cardona, a 19 year veteran detective of the NYPD, tragically passed away in the line of duty from COVID-19 complications on April 15, 2020 while assigned to the 13th Precinct Detective Squad. Robert was a 9/11 cancer survivor and dedicated DEA delegate. Robert’s father, Roberto, is organizing this campaign to benefit Robert’s 8 year old son.  Funds raised will be set aside in a trust in Robert’s son’s name and later be used for college.

Fallen First Reserve
Service Shield
All Services

Fallen First Reserve is a special fund that helps pay financial expenses related to the passing of a first responder. Your contribution helps honor the heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the public safe. Our goal is to provide financial support in the amount of $5,000 immediately upon the passing of a first responder. The average amount of first responders that unfortunately pass away in the line of duty each year is 300. Click here to view the current line of duty death list.