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Emergency for home
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We are need get 9,000 for our home become home owner as soon as possible I need additional income help! Or we may lose home . My partner lost his job his work company is out of business since May .   We are deaf . Hard to trying find some a little he...

Ace’s Medical Bill
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Medical Providers

Hello Everyone, My boyfriend and I’s cat Ace is currently under emergency care. It started as a little constipation, but has now led to the Veterinarian telling us that his pelvis is too narrow to pass stool. This could be due to an injury prior to u...

Help my husband recover from illness

This is a test fundraiser

Remember Our Fallen
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Law Enforcement

Our purpose is to honor the sacrifice made by Law Enforcement Officers who were killed in the line of duty.  We produce and place wreaths at the final resting places of Fallen Officers during the winter holiday season. This program  was started by th...

Bio Remediation Start up
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Law Enforcement

I am creating a Bio-remediation company specializing in blood and bodily fluid remediation along with hoarding clean-up. I am looking to secure funding for equipment to perform the jobs to include ppe, containers and chemicals needed. I have already...

Adult childhood gun crime survivor

In need of a car to better reach youth in public arenas. Help them go to church more often. Teach them intellect over emotions tactic of survival. Love them when their parents are too confuse/messed up to care..

Need help until disability claim approved

This is a very difficult thing for me to ask for help on. I am an honorably discharged veteran of 10 years that has fallen on hard times. I have applied for disability but as expected it is taking forever. The problem is, the utility companies don't...

Spouse of a Disabled Veteran

Hello, My name is Ashley, my husband served in the Army for 3.5 years before he was injured. My husband was med boarded under honorable discharge which left him with a head injury that causes him to have seizures. I take care of him everyday all day...

Free Veteran Swimming

We are blessed to have kept our doors open each season, a testament to the generosity and support of our community. Looking ahead, we aspire to extend a special gesture of gratitude to those who have served our nation. Our goal is to offer free acces...

James Lyons Sr
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Law Enforcement

Jim died of stage 4 metastasized colorectal cancer at the age of 62.  He served his community 23 1/2 years, as a Pulaski Cpunty Deputy in Littlt Rock, Arkansas.  This fundraiser is to help his wife and grandson, whom he had since he was 2, with bills...

Help in the cremation costs of Kenneth Raemdonck retired NYPD Mounted Unit 1964/1985

Asking on behalf of my father to help finance his cremation. I am his son Scott and his last remaining family member. Although my father was sick at the time of his death, he always faced the most adverse conditions and battled bravely through anythi...

To get a car
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All Others

Hello all I’m a Relapse Multiple Sclerosis (RMS) patient who needs a car to get to and from work and my doctor appointments! I had Relapse Multiple Sclerosis (RMS) for 6 ;going on 7 years and always rely on my parents to get me there and ITS ALOT!! I...

Fundraiser for Terminally ill Former Police Officer Kyle Moody

Kyle began his Public Safety career in 2002 as a dispatcher, eventually moving on to becoming a Police Officer in 2004. He served honorably with both the Town of Wells, ME and City of Saco, ME for numerous years, spending time on the Maine Drug Task...

Help Victor Get Back on His Feet - Donate Today!

Dear friends,I'm Victor, facing an unexpected life-altering challenge. On January 30, 2024, I'll undergo foot surgery, leaving me unable to work for 9 weeks.Due to overuse at work, medical bills are piling up, rendering me financially incapacitated....

Need a vehicle
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I am Joshua, I am an honorably discharged E-5 from the army after being in for 7 years 9 months and 16 days.  I am a now retired first responder after having surgery this last November for a torn acl/mcl and meniscus which happened while playing at h...