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Angels Circle Staten Island 9/11 Memorial

Angels Circle 9/11 Memorial     ‘Vigilance’ Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club’s ‘Richmond’ Chapter is hosting a fundraiser to benefit Staten Islands very own 9/11 Memorial.     Angels Circle is located in the Grasmere section of Staten Island and is an...

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First Responders

The 4x4x48 challenge began a few years ago when Officer Dave Sayers of the Hillsdale Police Department wanted to create a fundraiser and raise awareness for the Special Olympics while challenging himself. The 4x4x48 challenge consists of 4 miles ever...

Running for Resilience
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First Responders

Frank, Drew, and other colleagues from the Pittsburgh-area public safety community have committed to running the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 7, 2023. Drew will be running his first full marathon, and Frank will be running his first half-marathon. Thos...

Joey’s Gifts
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Our 9-year-old grandson, Joey Malcolm, Jr. Passed away tragically on Monday, June 19, 2023. He drowned in a pond while fishing. Joey was a sweet and wonderful little boy…precocious in every way. He was a loving brother to Aiden, 16, Brody, 14, Connor...

Officer Newport Fundraiser
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First Responders

We are requesting donations to offset the financial burden Earon is going through right now. Earon has been dealing with some medical issues that recently got worse Wednesday August 24th. She was put in the hospital where a simple scope of her throat...

Protect Our Protectors

Irish Angel’s mission is to help those in service suffering in crisis of PTS, TBI, addiction and mental health, get the help they need when their darkest days come.  Not all insurance companies cover the cost of these specific treatments. Irish Angel...

Derek McKinney
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Law Enforcement

Our brother and colleague Derek McKinney has been very ill since March. He has had extremely debilitating medical issues that have impacted his mobility, amongst other things. He is currently at home recovering, per Doctor's orders, with significant...

NICU Survivor and Family needs your help

NICU Family in need of your help. Our story is below and explains everything in detail. However due to our little NICU Survivors advanced needs my wife has had to quit her job. I work for a small agency and we do not get the best of pay and we depend...

The OM Project
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# The OM Project ### Who We Are We are human resource nonprofit foundation.

Please Assist the Nira Family

Please keep the Nira family in our prayers as Officer Nira's mother was in an accident and was seriously injured and needing surgery. Anything we can do to help the family in this time of need to help with medical expenses and stress would be great....

In Honor of the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001

What do we know of bravery? Who knows how we will react, when confronted by real danger?  First responders already have an instinct and know what they will do, when tragic events bear out those instincts. Take firefighter Daniel Foley, husband and fa...

Shipmate in need!
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Law Enforcement

As many of you know, our friend and former colleague Danniel LaGault, aka "Danny," recently retired last year and moved from northern NY to Southern FL. Tarpon Springs, FL, to be exact.  Danny worked with many of us in various capacities. He served t...

Supporting the Burt Family
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Law Enforcement

At approximately 9:20 PM on Wednesday, August 9th Fairburn PD Officer LaQuan Burt was responding to a single vehicle accident on I-85 southbound, approximately one mile south of Hwy. 138. The single vehicle accident he was responding to was a vehicle...

Mothers of Veteran Suicide SOULFUL Retreat

Their children served our country in the US Military and lost their battle to PTSD, dying by suicide.  We want to offer the grieving mothers of this group healing, peace, love and an all-expense paid SOULFUL retreat and we need your help oxoxoxo. A p...

Help officers affected by sudden duty status change

The IBPO Local 673 is trying to raise an emergency fund to help assist officers recently affected by the sudden change of their duty status. These officers are being punished for a second time and with no due process. This has resulted in the officer...