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Recently a single mom, I will need help with these two kids, I am an emt for a private company- anything helps while we get back on our feet.

Single parent; hard working mom pay off debt so I can buy a working car.

A little about me. I'm a hard working single parent mom. I've worked many 7 days a week to survive. When I don't, the bank acct bounces. I don't receive government benefits, child support etc. My car is 11 years old and I still owe on it. I've had tw...

Brecknock Township Fire Company

The all volunteer fire company that supports your town and other townships in the Berks, Lancaster, and Chester Counties needs your help. With COVID and other challenges, fundraising has been difficult and our aging Personal Protective Equipment (PPE...

Paramedic and his family needs help

After a decorated 19 year career in EMS, I was accused of excessive use of force (while responding as a paramedic on a call with a combative party) which led to me being charged with misdemeanor assault, the loss of my paramedic license, and the inab...

Fundraising for my daughter(Miranda Castro)youth soccer team / LASC G2004 Bradbury NPL

Greetings! Our LASC Girls 2004 team has qualified again this year to compete for a National Championship.  What they have accomplished over the last two years is truly remarkable, but they are more focused than ever before on becoming National Champi...

Blake Dresner Memorial

The Encinitas Lifesaving Association is a 501c3 non-profit supporing ocean lifeguards and surrounding first responders in the North County area of San Diego.  Blake Dresner was an ocean lifeguard for the City of Encinitas Marine Safety Division of th...

Personal Protective Gear
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First Responders

Hello, Mu name is Jason im a retired Assistant Chief of 24 years.  I remain active with the fire dept with fundraising, because in rural iowa we have mostly volunteer fire departments with not much for budgets so we rely on fundraising to get what we...

West Sac K9-5K
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First Responders

The West Sacramento Police K9 Association is excited to announce our 2022 West Sac K9-5K fun-run fundraiser! This fundraiser will take place Saturday August 27th from 8am-12pm at the Riverwalk in West Sacramento. Funds raised by this event benefit th...

Scoliosis Surgery for Daughter

11 year old daughter was diagnosed with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis with a curvature of 50.7°. Surgery is the only option.

Help Kyler Beat Leukemia
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First Responders

Kyler is 7 years old and just started the first grade this past August. He is sweet, giggly, mischievous, smart, lovable, and funny. He loves the outdoors, ninjas, and figuring out how things work. Now, he is also a child who has a blood cancer as Ky...

Help For Medical Expenses
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First Responders

My name is Charles but have always been known as Ernie. I started my Career in Law Enforcement in 1982 as a Park Ranger and became a Deputy Sheriff in 1988. In 1998 while driving home after a shift I suffered a heart attack. But after a stent placeme...

For the love of Columbia

Sometimes it is hard to ask for help because we think it makes us look weak or incompetent. The truth is asking for help is a sign of strength. By reaching out to others, we teach our children that everyone needs help sometimes. And you are giving th...

Help me with Funeral and Burial.

Both of my parents passed away within 2 weeks apart. I'm trying to raise enough to have there funeral and burial together. I'm on a fixed income and only have $800 dollars..I'm just asking if you can donate anything would be greatly appreciated and h...